6 Myths About Account Takeover

Think Your Account Takeover Strategies are Working?

Account takeover (ATO) is happening at a record pace and stolen credentials are once again the #1 most common breach action. If the popular ATO prevention strategies were working, why is the number of account takeovers only increasing? There are several factors at play and unfortunately, most security solutions don’t go far enough to stop ATO. They only monitor, but they don’t protect. Companies don’t need more monitoring. They need prevention strategies that work.

Download our ebook to learn which of the most common techniques and technologies help and which provide false hope:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Password Managers
  • 90-Day Password Rotations
  • Behavior and Heuristic-Based Solutions
  • Deep & Dark Web Scanners, Crawlers and Scrapers
  • Corporate Policy
Solution: Account Takeover Prevention

Reset stolen passwords before criminals can use them to defraud your users or access sensitive corporate data.

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6 Myths About Account Takeover

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