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SpyCloud Compromised Credit Card API

The ultimate pre-fraud data source for financial institutions and retailers – enabling you to remediate compromised credit cards, gift cards, and loyalty cards to prevent fraud losses, before they happen.

Cybercrime analytics platform Cybersecurity analytics

Prevent fraud losses with proactive remediation of compromised credit card, gift card, and loyalty card data

Credit cards, gift cards, and loyalty cards exposed on the dark web put financial institutions and retailers at risk. With the SpyCloud Compromised Credit Card API, you can query your own BIN(s) to proactively scan issued cards for dark web compromise, and remediate exposures before criminals can act – protecting your consumers, your time, and your brand.

Uncover issued
card exposures

Monitor and scan credit, gift, and loyalty card data, including BINs, to uncover dark web exposures

Reduce fraud risk and prevent financial losses

Remediate compromised card data and reduce financial losses for your financial institution or retail business

your brand

Uphold account integrity by proactively remediating exposures to prevent credit card, gift card, and loyalty card fraud

“If your brand is important and you want to protect consumer data, you have to get SpyCloud.”

– Anthony Brunson, Security Operations Manager at LendingTree

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SpyCloud Compromised Credit Card Data API FAQs

The SpyCloud Compromised Credit Card Data API returns compromised credit card, gift card, and loyalty card records from a query of 6 character BIN(s) and is delivered via a RESTful API with JSON output. Since we deliver this data via a RESTful API, the system(s) that requests and receives the data is highly flexible to the customer ecosystem.

Retail issued cards (credit, gift, or loyalty) must be numbers only, no characters – with a minimum of 12 digits and a maximums of 28 digits – in order to be able to use this API.

The customer system or users can query the endpoint with one or multiple (up to 10 at a time) BINs and receive all matched credit card, gift card, and loyalty card records (with CC numbers returned as SHA1 hash). These records are from when SpyCloud first published to the most recent published.

SpyCloud recaptured billions of stolen assets from the criminal underground, enabling organizations to leverage the data criminals know about their business before it can be used to perpetrate fraud. The difference between SpyCloud and other tools is that SpyCloud detects pre-fraud indicators based on credit card, gift card, and loyalty card exposures, whereas other feeds detect fraud after it has already been committed.

There are many best practices for preventing credit card, gift card, or loyalty card fraud, but at SpyCloud we recommend that card-issuing financial institutions and retailers proactively monitor for stolen card information so they can shut down and reissue cards before criminals use the compromised card numbers to commit fraud.

The SpyCloud Compromised Credit Card API product is priced in tiers based on the number of BINs you’d like to query. Please contact us for pricing.

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Protect your business & reduce fraud – before it happens

See how you can remediate compromised credit card, gift card, and loyalty card data with SpyCloud.

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