More than 2 billion accounts are secured by SpyCloud

SpyCloud combines the world’s largest database of breach assets with automated remediation of exposed passwords to scale account takeover prevention for global enterprises.

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The All-in-One Account Takeover Fraud Prevention Solution

Without SpyCloud, businesses rely on their employees and customers to comply with password policies requiring strong, unique passwords that haven’t been compromised in a breach. But inevitably, users’ bad password habits will put your business at risk.

With SpyCloud, you’ll automatically check users’ credentials against the world’s largest breach dataset to identify stolen passwords before criminals have a chance to use them. You’ll block bad actors from using breach data to take over your users’ accounts. And you’ll automate the remediation of exposed passwords to proactively thwart account takeover and online fraud.

Anything less than SpyCloud puts you at risk.

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This is what peace of mind looks like.

SpyCloud safeguards more than 2 billion employee and consumer accounts from account takeover and follow-on attacks like business email compromise, credit card fraud, and ransomware. 

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