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Research Reports

2023 Ransomware Defense Report

2023 Ransomware Defense Report

As cybercriminals continue to reap rewards from ransomware attacks, how are security teams keeping pace? Download this year’s report for insights on new trends, attack precursors, and critical defense gaps.

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2023 Fortune 1000

Fortune 1000 Identity Exposure Report 2023

This year’s analysis of stolen identity data tied to Fortune 1000 companies uncovered shocking amounts of breach and malware-exfiltrated assets that put large enterprises at risk of ransomware and other critical cyber threats.

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2022 Ransomware Defense Report Preview

2022 Ransomware Defense Report

Our annual report shows a surprising increase in organizations that experienced multiple ransomware attacks, the costly impacts of ineffective countermeasures, and future plans to improve defenses.

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2022 SpyCloud Identity Exposure Report

2022 Annual Identity Exposure Report

Our annual reports analyzes the 15.5 billion assets we recaptured from the criminal underground last year, and how enterprises can use this information to protect themselves from ATO, malware, and ransomware, and protect their consumers from online fraud.

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Ransomware Defense Report Preview

2021 Ransomware Defense Report

Our report breaks down the frequency of ransomware attacks on organizations of all sizes, insights on ransomware preparedness measures, and details on the criminal economy that’s fueling ransomware right now.

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Annual Credential Exposure Report

2021 Annual Credential Exposure Report

Over the last 12 months, SpyCloud has recovered 1.5 billion credentials from 854 breach sources. Find out the trends our researchers have observed, including exposed .gov credentials and pandemic-themed keywords in users’ passwords.

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