2022 Report: Identity Exposure of London's FTSE 100

(And Their Subsidiaries)

Graphic of SpyCloud's 2022 FTSE Identity Exposure Report

As data breaches and malware infections continue to leak employees’ credentials and PII at a massive scale, their password reuse remains critically high, creating significant security risks for organisations and the consumers who rely on them to keep their data safe. 

A single set of employee credentials that have been exposed in a third-party breach can leave the door wide open for bad actors to gain entry into a corporate network – but we found that London’s FTSE 100 and their subsidiaries have 2.7 million pairs of exposed plaintext credentials in the criminal underground.

To provide a snapshot of employee identity exposures affecting major enterprises, SpyCloud analyzed the data we’ve recaptured from breaches, malware-infected devices, and other underground sources tied to FTSE 100 and subsidiary employees. We examined over 51 million assets, all of which are available on the criminal underground and can be used for malicious purposes.

  • The types of stolen FTSE 100 employee data criminals have access to, and the danger it presents to these organisations
  • The most popular exposed passwords of FTSE 100 employees
  • Which industries lead in exposed data and severity
  • The impact of malware-infected employees and consumers

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