SpyCloud for MSSPs
& MDR providers

There were more than 1,700 reported data breaches last year, not to mention an untold number of malware deployments. Your customers’ credentials, PII, and web session data were more than likely exposed in one of more of these incidents.

If you’re not continuously checking your customers’ data for darknet exposure, they could be low-hanging fruit for breaches, account takeover, business email compromise, and ransomware attacks.

With SpyCloud, you can identify when your customers are exposed in third-party data breaches or via malware infections without lifting a finger. Scale your business, deliver more value, and keep customers longer without taxing your already busy team.

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Enhance your capabilities with SpyCloud

MSSPs & MDR providers come to SpyCloud looking for dark web monitoring to protect their clients’ data, but what they get is so much more. SpyCloud identifies breach exposures early – often years before companies that rely on scanners & scrapers acquire the data. You can pass on actionable exposure alerts to your customers so they can remediate the compromised credentials well before criminals use them to penetrate their networks.

customer acquisition

Offer a new service to reduce your customers’ risk from data exposures in the criminal underground – market ransomware “early warning” by detecting stolen credentials that can give criminal entry into corporate networks

value proposition

Increase customer retention and satisfaction – use SpyCloud data to report monthly on exposed credentials, including the plaintext passwords and number of times they have appeared in breaches

service offering

Leverage SpyCloud’s actionable data and insights to aid remediation services for your customers – create rules to define when step-up authentication or password reset is required, reducing the burden while protecting their users

Not just another data feed...

Benefit Improve Employee Productivity

SpyCloud delivers actionable threat intelligence, enabling your teams to make confident, informed decisions to reduce the risk of account takeover and orchestrated attacks that leverage stolen credentials, including ransomware.

Quality data, without added resources

Identify fresh exposures continuously without any additional resources on your end – SpyCloud handles data collection, parsing, and password cracking for you.

Continuous exposure monitoring

Monitor hundreds or even thousands of domains on your customers’ behalf – share the full context of exposures with your customers, including the source, breach description, email address, and plaintext password.

Reduce exposure time

Detect users who have appeared in botnet logs from malware-infected corporate and personal systems, and recommend steps to clean their machines and reset their credentials.

Drive revenue from premium services

Optimize your product offering with high fidelity alerts containing more detailed information and steps to take when identity data has been discovered online.

The new way to fight cybercrime

SpyCloud turns the tables by making darknet data work for you. We detect when your employee and customer credentials, cookies, PII and other critical stolen assets are in the hands of cybercriminals and automate remediation to reduce the risk of cyberattacks.

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