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Enhance your product with recaptured dark web data

SpyCloud offers product teams fast, easy access to the most comprehensive breach and malware data available to add value to security, fintech, and fraud detection products.

Recaptured data enhances a range of solutions, including:

For SpyCloud partners, business benefits and user experience aren't mutually exclusive

Customer value and increased revenue go hand in hand when you bolster your product with actionable identity and domain exposure alerts from the dark web. Armed with the same data fraudsters have access to, you can deliver insights that facilitate comprehensive, protective action – keeping your customers protected, while fostering trust and loyalty.

new revenue streams

Optimize your pricing and packaging while delivering added value to your customers, from security training to identity monitoring services

customer acquisition

Attract more customers than your competition with truly differentiated solutions that keep them safe from the latest threats

customer retention

Build trust and keep customers longer with ongoing value from fresh breach alerts unavailable anywhere else

Amplify your offering with actionable insights from the criminal underground

Partner with the leader in collecting, enriching, and analyzing data from the deepest layers of the darknet. We make it simple for product teams to integrate SpyCloud’s data into new and existing products to deliver effective alerts to consumers, improve app engagement, enhance B2B prospecting efforts, and much more.

Cybercrime analytics platform Cybersecurity analytics

The world's most robust dark web dataset

No other provider sources data at the scale SpyCloud does, through a combination of security research and automation – resulting in the most massive repository of dark web data anywhere. The result is billions of assets each month and 220+ data types – from usernames, email addresses, and passwords to stolen authentication cookies, API tokens, to PII and financial information.

Actionable data

With 34+ billion credentials and in-house password cracking, SpyCloud delivers consistently high matches to your user base, enabling more communications with customers and interactions in your application, while dramatically reducing the risk of these exposures as users take action.

Easy integration

SpyCloud offers several integration options, including a secure, high-volume API designed for product teams. We provide everything a developer needs to bring the most secure products to the market rapidly, including meticulous instructions and feature explanations so you can begin using our API in minutes.

Expert help

Hit the ground running with best practices and communication templates based on our experience working with data partners for the last 8 years.

The SpyCloud difference for data partners

SpyCloud is a big data company with the most comprehensive, accurate and actionable dark web dataset available. Organizations from around the world turn to us when they want to build or enhance their solution offering to include identity theft protection, dark web monitoring, domain risk monitoring, and fraud prevention capabilities.

High-volume dark web data

Our collection of hundreds of billions assets from compromised users globally is enhanced by 25+ billion every month from sources other companies can’t get and don’t know exist. It’s data that makes your product effective at mitigating harm and empowering consumers to take immediate action.

Variety of data

Choose the data you need from more than 220 types representing credentials, PII, credit ratings, payment data, and even malware-infected user data – the most accurate data that facilitates targeted attacks.

Plaintext passwords

SpyCloud delivers the most cracked passwords in the industry, with more than 90% of our 30+ billion passwords available in plaintext format. This means your application can prove dark web exposures – without false positives – based on exact matches that drive the user to reset passwords and take additional steps to resecure their accounts.

Early detection = early notification

SpyCloud collects dark web data within days of a breach occurring. The difference is 9+ months ahead of other providers, meaning you deliver information to customers faster so they can act before criminals use it to perpetrate account takeover and fraud.


Trying to imagine the impact of a dark web data partnership with SpyCloud?

Let’s get together to calculate the value you (and your customers) can realize. We’ll share models for driving incremental revenue and fraud loss reduction based on what’s working for partners now.


Dark web data use cases

Consumer-facing applications, enterprise security products and services, and fraud detection platforms partner with SpyCloud to drive value for their consumers and B2B clients. What can we do together?

Go beyond traditional dark web monitoring with actionable insights that prompt users to take action
Identity theft protection

Fuel alerts that keep consumers aware of their credential exposure and your brand top of mind

Reduce fraud tied to malware & ATO with deep context of users’ exposure across their multiple online personas
Monitor hundreds or thousands of domains and continuously deliver value by sharing fresh exposure details
Identify and stop critical threats, including ransomware attacks originating from malware-infected devices
Leverage SpyCloud’s unparalleled breach intelligence to improve cyber risk modeling

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Strengthen your solution

See why market leaders like Avast and AT&T work with SpyCloud to protect their customers from cybercrime.

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