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Take control of the
digital domain

SpyCloud empowers government agencies and contractors to predict, prevent, and protect against cybercrimes – securing digital identities and cyber operations while ensuring mission success.

SpyCloud Assists Government Agencies


Identify malicious

Preempt cyber

Enhance near-peer visibility

Protect critical

SpyCloud provides
government agencies
critical cybersecurity support

Our unique solutions compile the most reliable set of open-source identity intelligence data from the criminal underground, supporting the full spectrum of cyber operations and online investigations.

Data and analytics

for deep cyber threat insights and better defenses

SpyCloud has amassed the most robust and reliable collection of recaptured darknet data, including information that is often blocked by foreign firewalls.

We couple that with advanced analytics and automated remediation solutions to give government agencies the tools they need to combat cyberthreats and investigate a broad variety of crimes.

Understanding government cybersecurity risks

SpyCloud’s Identity Intelligence contains government employee and contractor data from third-party breaches and malware-infected devices.


Password reuse rate for .gov emails


Malware infections at top U.S. defense contractors


Percentage of credentials exfiltrated by malware

Trusted cyber intelligence partner for government agencies

The nation’s most prominent agencies deploy SpyCloud solutions.

Investigate cybercrime with advanced tools

Criminals employ a multitude of methods to conceal their activity – but every action online leaves a trace

SpyCloud follows the trail to the origin of malicious activity, penetrating their infrastructure to uncover the nature and breadth of criminal efforts. Our research helps profile and geolocate criminal targets, dramatically increasing the accuracy and speed of investigations into fraud, human trafficking, terrorism, and other crimes.

Identify and unmask malicious actors

Cybercriminals and bad actors routinely leverage the internet and dark web to engage in and conceal illicit behavior.

SpyCloud’s analytics tools – coupled with our database of current, high-fidelity, and high-efficacy data – enable investigators to quickly identify threat actors, unmask alternate identities, and build clear pattern-of-life analysis.

Preempt and prevent cyber threats

Federal government employees and government contractors are key targets for cybercriminals and others seeking to access federal computer systems and networks.

To help agencies get, and stay ahead of these nefarious actions, SpyCloud’s solutions monitor for potential exposures. We combine robust recaptured data and analytics to pinpoint the agencies, organizations, and individuals most vulnerable to cyberattacks – enabling security teams to address weak points before they are exploited.

Enhance near-peer visibility

Every year, cybercriminals steal billions of data assets from infected internet-connected devices. The malware logs exfiltrated from these machines leave insightful breadcrumbs that once recaptured, can be used against them.

SpyCloud pulls data from thousands of devices sitting behind adversary borders and firewalls, exposing their behavior and potential motivations and giving agencies a leg up on prevention efforts.

Protect critical infrastructure from cyberattacks

Foreign actors are increasingly working to access U.S. critical infrastructure systems, disrupting operations and gaining a foothold in national networks.

SpyCloud protects infrastructure by identifying the most likely targets of malware or cyberattacks, and providing automated solutions that can immediately address threats.


Total recaptured assets

SpyCloud Assets


Recaptured plaintext


Recaptured PII data


Identities exposed
via infostealer malware


Stolen passwords
on record


Months average lead on recapturing credentials before public announcement

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See how SpyCloud can help government agencies and contractors strengthen cyber resilience, prevent ransomware and malware attacks, and go on the offensive against malicious actors.

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