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Secure your enterprise from cyberattacks

Reduce your risk of ransomware and other critical attacks with SpyCloud’s Enterprise Risk Protection – acting on known points of compromise before they can be used by cybercriminals.

Take action with confidence – automated solutions for maximum SOC efficiency

SpyCloud Enterprise Protection addresses both the reactive and proactive states security teams must operate within today’s modern enterprise – using data from the dark web to deliver high fidelity alerts worth acting on.

employee identities

Continuously monitor for compromised credentials and safeguard employee identities to protect corporate data

enterprise risk

Prevent account takeover, ransomware, session hijacking, and other costly, significant cyberattacks

SOC efficacy

Proactively detect exposures and automate remediation of malware-infected devices, applications, and users

Comprehensive cybercrime prevention powered by Cybercrime Analytics

Move beyond threat intel with actionable solutions backed by SpyCloud’s Cybercrime Analytics. Strengthen cyber resilience and implement a Post-Infection Remediation framework to mitigate your risk of ransomware attacks, account takeover, session hijacking, and breaches. With seamless integration into your preferred tech stack, SOC teams can automate their workflows to execute on proactive prevention and rapid remediation against emerging threats.

Empower your SOC team

Reduce the amount of resources needed to monitor, identify, and remediate employees’ identities and credentials exposed by malware infections, data breaches, and other sources in the criminal underground.

SpyCloud offers an easily extensible solution that scales not only with business needs but with the threat landscape – allowing for maximum interoperability and providing coverage of gaps from legacy tools. With access to Cybercrime Analytics derived from fresh, enriched, contextualized underground data, your SOC team benefits from high fidelity alerts that drive action with confidence.

Full coverage visibility to decrease MTTD and MTTR

SpyCloud provides a single source of truth for ransomware prevention and remediation of malware-infected devices, users, and applications. Having the scope of each threat at-a glance decreases both dwell and response times – and coupled with Post-Infection Remediation, security practitioners of all levels can take a proactive approach to mitigate exposures and ensure security efficacy in the SOC, and beyond.

Go beyond the device with an identity-centric approach to protection and prevention

A machine-centric approach is no longer enough to prevent ransomware. An identity-centric approach allows for maximum coverage of risk exposure across all managed and unmanaged devices, corporate applications, and shadow IT.

Access is the new currency for cyber criminals – gain full visibility around efficacy of security policies to continue to strengthen governance. From improving password hygiene and preventing password reuse to enforcing acceptable use policies and deactivating sessions, SpyCloud’s Enterprise Protection offers automated solutions to prevent account takeover and ransomware.


SpyCloud products are powered by industry-leading cybercrime analytics and put the power back in your hands to prevent cyberattacks.

Enterprise Protection

Stop targeted and automated account takeover

Automate compromised password remediation

Detect stolen employee authentication cookies and prevent session hijacking

React to malware-compromised devices, users, and applications

Protect executives’ digital identities from targeted account takeover

Monitor for supply chain security risks from exposed credentials

Empowering security teams to act on what matters

Identify threats to your business from compromised credentials, malware-infected employees, and stolen cookies

Actionable malware data and analytics

Identify your employee’s malware-infected devices, managed and unmanaged, and the applications exposed as a result.

Continuous monitoring of compromised credentials available on the darknet

Monitor multiple domains for exposed employee logins, checking credentials against the largest repository of recaptured data from the criminal underground.

Alerts that you actually want more of

Save time on discovery and manual correlation with rich context for every alert to support prioritization, investigation, and remediation. Eliminate points of friction and empower your analysts to maximize productivity on innovation, automation and other high priority initiatives.

Improve security posture with automated remediation

Post-Infection Remediation covers gaps from both antiquated incident response processes and limited visibility and scope of EDR/EDP tools. With full access to origination and impact of compromised credentials, SOC teams can benefit from setting up effective workflows that tackle tasks that would be otherwise tedious and incomplete when it comes to remediating malware-infected devices, users, and applications.

Work smarter, not harder – using the tools you know

Every team operates differently, and use cases are not always one and the same. Leverage your existing tech stack and expand the power of SpyCloud’s Cybercrime Analytics with your preferred SIEM, SOAR, or IAM tool.


Trying to imagine your cost savings?

See how SpyCloud can help your business reduce fraud losses, customer churn, and lower operational costs


Use cases for every scenario

Achieving breadth and scale is simple with SpyCloud – with solutions that align to critical business initiatives, delivering outcomes that protect, secure, and prevent.

Empower your SOC team with a framework of additional steps to existing incident response protocols, designed to negate opportunities for ransomware and other critical threats.
Enterprise-ready ransomware protection with automated detection and remediation of breach and malware exposures to thwart targeted attacks on the enterprise.
Stay ahead of account takeover and targeted attacks by detecting and resetting compromised passwords before criminals have a chance to use them.
Dramatically increase the accuracy and speed of investigations by identifying correlating details to create a full profile of an actor and their accounts.
Optimize your testing efforts with accurate, enriched data from the criminal underground.
Experience the power of recaptured data + automated remediation for unrivaled protection from dark web threats.

SpyCloud offers out-of-the-box API integrations with top technology vendors across SIEM, SOAR, XDR, TIPs and more – delivering Cybercrime Analytics at scale for analysis, detection, remediation and automated workflows.

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Experience the new way to fight cybercrime

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