Secure Your Enterprise From Cyberattacks

SpyCloud helps enterprises level the playing field with cybercriminals using insights from the darknet – enabling action on the data criminals are using to target them for account takeover and ransomware attacks.

Prevent Ransomware with More Complete Malware Infection Response

SpyCloud illuminates the users and applications exposed from malware-infected managed and unmanaged devices, enabling more efficient and effective response with Post-Infection Remediation.

Avoid the Loss of Sensitive Corporate & Customer Data with Account Takeover Prevention
When employees reuse passwords across multiple online accounts, criminals can exploit credentials that have been exposed in third-party data breaches to access their corporate accounts, leaving long-term damage in their wake. Protect your organization from breaches due to password reuse, reduce the risk of data loss and downtime from ransomware, and protect your brand and reputation with automated account takeover prevention.
Protect Your Highest-Risk Executives From Targeted Account Takeover
Account takeover might not be something your highest level leaders are focused on. But due to their levels of access to your company’s most valuable information, they are at an especially high risk of targeted ATO vs. lower level employees. SpyCloud VIP Guardian gets cyber hygiene on their radar and empowers them to easily monitor their own personal accounts for stolen passwords to secure their online identities, taking none of their time away from running the company.
Protect Critical Services, Including SSO From Session Hijacking

A stolen browser session from your enterprise’s single sign-on application or developer tool can allow bad actors to bypass MFA, access corporate resources, and identify an infected device’s owner as a potential entry point to your organization. With Session Identity Protection, enterprises can take swift action to prevent unauthorized access when cookies from critical workforce services – such as a corporate Okta instance – are stolen from an employee or contractor’s infected personal or corporate device.

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Reduce your risk of a data breach & ATO attacks that can lead to ransomware
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Only SpyCloud gives you access to...

Cybercrime AnalyticsTM

We deliver automated, actionable analytics based on 300B+ assets recaptured from the deepest layers of the darknet – with over 1B new assets added per month. Hundreds of global enterprises, including half of the Fortune 10, trust SpyCloud to deliver evidence of compromise they can act on.

Malware Insights

Identify employees whose corporate or personal devices are infected with malware, meaning their credentials, corporate applications, and potentially sensitive company information is exposed to criminals. These high-severity exposures are flagged by SpyCloud for immediate response and remediation.

The new way to fight cybercrime.

SpyCloud turns the tables by making darknet data work for you. We detect when employee and customer data is in the hands of cybercriminals and automate the remediation to reduce your risk of cyberattacks.
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Solutions to meet your greatest challenges:

Proactive Ransomware Protection

Remediate hard-to-detect malware infections that serve as common precursors to ransomware attacks.

Automated Active Directory Protection

Automatically detect, reset, and prevent compromised passwords and align with NIST.

Account Takeover

Stop cybercriminals from account takeover (ATO) that can lead to a ransomware attack.

Supply Chain ATO Risk Monitoring

At-a-glance visibility of suppliers’ account takeover risks & the ability to share exposure data with them.

Session Hijacking

Stop bad actors from impersonating employees with stolen cookies from malware-infected devices.

Integrations with Existing Security Tools

Feed recaptured data into existing workflows and applications, including common SIEMs & SOARs.

Your enterprise could be at risk.