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Protect your customers and your bottom line

SpyCloud analyzes billions of recaptured data points from breaches and malware infections to highlight your consumers with exposed credentials that are at risk of account takeover and fraud. SpyCloud’s Consumer Account Takeover Prevention solution can be used proactively to check your entire database for new exposures, at the time of login, or even at account creation to avoid previously exposed or weak passwords. SpyCloud protects enterprises and strengthens fraud prevention efforts without adding friction or complicating the user experience.

Reduce Fraud Losses

Proactively identify and protect customer accounts that are vulnerable to ATO and online fraud before criminals have a chance to profit

Customer Churn

Protect your brand from false data breach accusations and negative attention that result from account takeover

Operational Costs

Reduce time spent on investigation, remediation, and manual review by automating ATO prevention within your own application

“We value SpyCloud because not only does it help solve ATO, it also gives our team more bandwidth and allows us to provide a better customer experience.” – Director of Risk Management


Protect Your Customers from ATO Fraud
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2023 Annual Identity Exposure Report

Join us in our mission to disrupt criminals’ ability to profit from stolen data

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