The SpyCloud Ransomware Defense Report 2022

An annual benchmark of organizations’ preparedness and strategies to close the gaps

2022 Ransomware Defense Report Preview

Our annual survey of 300+ security leaders in the US, Canada, and UK revealed that despite 86% increasing budget to protect against ransomware, 90% of organizations reported being affected by ransomware in the last 12 months – leaving security teams with little confidence in their defenses.

But there is hope. With credentials at the forefront of protecting employee identities, we were intrigued to find multi-factor authentication (MFA) in use at almost all organizations and that monitoring for compromised credentials saw a significant increase year-over-year, from 44% to 73%. And with the increased severity and frequency of malware infections, a majority of respondents agree that credential-stealing malware – especially on unmanaged devices accessing the network – is a growing concern as a hard-to-detect entry point for ransomware.

The 2022 SpyCloud Ransomware Defense Report benchmarks the challenges and proactive approaches to fighting against ransomware. Download the report to:

  • Benchmark your preparedness measures
  • Assess the challenges of third-party risk and the increased severity of malware and data breaches
  • Understand the vulnerabilities created by the riskiest entry points for ransomware
  • Determine how effective your countermeasures are compared to your peers

Solution: Proactive Ransomware Protection
Close the gaps in your ransomware prevention strategy by remediating compromised credentials and malware-infected devices

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The SpyCloud Ransomware Defense Report 2022

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The SpyCloud Difference

Stolen credentials – obtained through breaches and malware-infected devices – are a criminal’s all-access pass to your systems. So take them out of the equation. SpyCloud offers early detection and continuous visibility of exposed credentials and negates this threat vector immediately. The effort and cost of recovery from ransomware (not to mention the negative press attention) far outweigh the effort and cost associated with proactive prevention.

SpyCloud acts as a ransomware “early warning system” for hundreds of global enterprises, including half of the Fortune 10.


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