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360 Privacy: Safeguarding Customers’ Digital Identities

How 360 Privacy consolidated their tech stack while expanding their service offerings with SpyCloud


It’s a big responsibility to monitor identities for breach and malware exposures – but even more so if you’re tasked with protecting highly-targeted and high-profile individuals. As cybercriminals relentlessly attempt to take over online accounts, 360 Privacy needed to feel confident in the security solutions their teams use to protect ultra high-net worth customer accounts and domains from malicious activity.


With SpyCloud’s suite of identity protection solutions powered by Cybercrime Analytics, including Consumer ATO Prevention, Employee ATO Prevention, and VIP Guardian, 360 Privacy is able to protect more than 1,800 individuals and and their digital footprints – reducing risk from dark web exposures and protecting against targeted attacks.

360 Privacy provides digital executive protection services to prevent, monitor, and remediate high-risk threats to executives across the surface, deep, and dark web. They take pride in the thoroughness of their exposure research, quality of chosen software providers, and protection recommendations that are packaged into their service offerings, which is why they trust and use SpyCloud.

“The game we play here is high stakes,” says Tom Aldrich, 360 Privacy’s Chief Revenue Officer. "With a given client, we're promising that the information we give them about an identity exposure is trustworthy and actionable. We need to be able to tell them where we found it, how we found it, and feel confident that we're the first ones to bring it to them. That's why we rely on SpyCloud.”

The gold standard

360 Privacy set out to create a gold standard in the digital privacy industry, and to do so they knew they needed a solution that offered both speed and accuracy when it came to surfacing compromised credentials and stolen data. They needed a way to find and remediate exposures before cybercriminals could act.

“Intelligence gets stale quickly. And more doesn’t always mean better. What we found with SpyCloud was the best input-to-output ratio.”
Chris Wingfield, Managing Director of Cyber Threat Intelligence

With SpyCloud, 360 Privacy quickly saw value in the speed and quality of insights, which in turn benefited their internal processes, and ultimately their results for clients. 

Less noise and better security outcomes, all made easier

In today’s aggressive threat landscape, it’s critical for security teams to have access to quality data that is contextualized and correlated across a person’s entire digital identity. And they need to be able to move on those insights fast. Reducing mean-time-to-discovery (MTTD) and mean-time-to-remediation (MTTR) decreases the window of time bad actors have to take advantage of the compromised credentials while freeing up valuable security resources.

Traditional threat intelligence tools struggle to deliver data that is fresh, often resulting in wasted cycles and alert overload for analysts. SpyCloud has equipped the team at 360 Privacy – from junior analysts to senior security leaders – with reliable information they can use to act quickly, and with confidence.

“SpyCloud has created less noise and a cleaner experience for our analysts. As an analyst, if you're going through data day in and day out, you get fatigue. SpyCloud makes it easy on an analyst to really parse through insights – you can easily find the needle in the haystack.”
Chris Wingfield, Managing Director of Client Services

More than just credentials: A full picture of client digital identities

In the past, 360 Privacy struggled with traditional threat intelligence and identity monitoring solutions that had narrow focus. They chose SpyCloud in part for its coverage of more than 220 stolen asset types – including credentials, PII, and financial information – across both breach and malware exposures. And the malware insights were a game-changer, considering they didn’t previously have a way to monitor for them.

“We didn't have a solution that could proactively monitor for malware and tell us not only was this person’s plaintext password involved in a malware infection and should be changed, but there may also be persistent malware on their device that is credential harvesting, storing all of their credit card information, keystroke information, et cetera – and that is something you need to take care of, too. So having that malware analysis, including what kind of malware we’re dealing with, built into 360 Privacy’s workflow is huge.”
Chris Wingfield, Managing Director of Client Services

What it looks like

360 Privacy integrates SpyCloud data in multiple places throughout their clients’ journey, leveraging both the SpyCloud API and the portal interface to find exposures related to their customers.

Proof of value to prospects:

360 Privacy leverages SpyCloud to demonstrate known exposures to prospective clients, including analyses that connect the dots regarding the potential impact of leaked data and password reuse.

New client onboarding:

360 Privacy enriches client profiles as well as provides them an accurate picture of their digital identity exposure footprint, including email addresses, phone numbers, plaintext passwords, IP addresses, information about family members, and more circulating in criminal communities.

Ongoing identity exposure monitoring and remediation:

360 Privacy is able to deliver continuous value by protecting clients with daily insights about threats and remediating exposures before they become a problem.

The team is also taking steps to integrate SpyCloud directly into a new client-facing portal.

“One thing we’re really excited about is bringing SpyCloud directly into our new portal. The integrations are great. The documentation is great. Our devs love working with SpyCloud technology and APIs because of how easy, accessible, and flexible they are for our use cases,” says Gavin Quinn, 360 Privacy’s Chief Strategy Officer.

An added benefit: Cost savings

By switching to SpyCloud for insights that up-level their identity protection services, not only does 360 Privacy feel more confident in the completeness of exposure insights, but they were also able to consolidate their existing toolstack to save $50,000 dollars annually.

“We were actually able to get rid of a platform we had that was costing the company a lot of money – all because SpyCloud’s value to our program and clients was just exceptionally higher.”
Chris Wingfield, Managing Director of Client Services

They’ve also been able to scale their offerings to clients without increasing headcount.

“I’ve been able to keep my team the same size because, once we onboarded SpyCloud, we were able to keep the same amount of bodies, but increase efficiency,” says Gavin.


Fast, definitive evidence of exposures
Full coverage across breaches and malware infections
Easy-to-use API and interface with no noise
Decreased costs by switching providers and consolidating toolstack
Increased productivity, without extra headcount
B2C and B2B identity protection, in one

Preventing the attacks of tomorrow

360 Privacy continues to focus on safeguarding their clients in their personal lives, as well as expanding their identity protection services into corporate infrastructure to account for the growing digital footprints of their clients. And they’re happy to do it all with SpyCloud, partnering together to stay ahead as the threat landscape shifts.

“Today, we are at the forefront of preventing current attack mechanisms. And we’re working with groups like SpyCloud to think strategically down the road about how we prevent the attacks of tomorrow. That's the approach that we embrace and SpyCloud embraces, and I think that's why we have such a great relationship.”
Max Anderson, Chief Growth Officer at 360 Privacy
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