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Penetration testing with recaptured data

Optimize your testing efforts with accurate, enriched data from the criminal underground

Faster tests, better results powered by actionable darknet data

While many penetration tests focus on scanning applications and networks for exposed vulnerabilities, the unfortunate reality is that 80% of breaches start with stolen credentials. Pentesters have a fast path to impact when they address the most common attack vector that applications face: compromised authentication data.

SpyCloud delivers the access you need – recaptured from third-party breaches and malware-infected devices.

Start improving outcomes on day one:

Increase the speed of tests and client reporting

Discover security gaps rapidly

Improve the total cost of engagements

SpyCloud is the secret weapon for today's pentesters

Simulate attacks with the same data attackers use, and find weaknesses that can be fixed before bad actors exploit them

Armed with the vast amount of SpyCloud’s recaptured data from the criminal underground, penetration testers can fully replicate attacker behavior, incorporating real customer access details into their attack patterns.

With SpyCloud, pen testers can:

Dramatically improve the speed at which you gain access to the network or application being tested

Validate the range of exposed usernames & passwords for the application or network being tested

Validate the exposed credentials for adjacent networks or applications that may provide lateral movement

Access exposed information like phone numbers that may be used to defeat security measures

“Including SpyCloud data in our pen tests has changed our business. Our time-to-compromise has been significantly decreased and the value to our clients has dramatically increased. SpyCloud has given us a competitive advantage.”

– Avery Rozar, CEO, TrollEye Security

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Our Cybercrime Analytics Engine drives action to protect your business
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Enterprise Protection

Reduce your risk of ransomware and other critical attacks – acting on known points of compromise
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Consumer Risk Protection

Take a proactive approach to combating account takeover and stop high-risk attacks tied to malware
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Efficiently piece together criminals’ digital breadcrumbs to reveal the identities of specific adversaries engaging in cybercrime
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Data Partnerships

Access comprehensive breach and malware data to add value to security and fraud detection products and services
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Experience how SpyCloud expands cyber resiliency across your entire enterprise
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Efficiently secure employee identities and safeguard corporate data and critical IP from cyberattacks.
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Threat intel teams

Investigate and stop threats with insights well beyond raw data and IOCs
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Cybercrime Analytics

Learn about the new way to disrupt cybercrime with automated analytics that drive action
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Catch up on the latest news coverage, product updates and more
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Uncover threats to your organization like malware-infected employees, stolen session cookies, and recency of breach exposures
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