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SpyCloud Cybercrime Analytics Platform

Whether you’re focused on preventing future cyberattacks or accelerating cybercrime investigations, SpyCloud’s suite of products gives you access to the most powerful recaptured data analytics engine on the market. Explore our solutions and ask us about pricing to get started.

Enterprise Protection

Reduce your attack surface – protect, prevent and remediate compromised credentials and malware-infected employees to stay ahead of cybercriminals.

Tiered pricing by number of employee accounts protected.

Consumer Risk Protection

Preserve consumer account integrity and protect your brand – combat account takeover and unauthorized access to reduce risk of monetary loss.
Tiered pricing by number of customer accounts protected.


Piece together digital breadcrumbs to identify criminals – reveal identities of adversaries engaging in financial crimes and cyberattacks.

API: Tiered pricing by number of queries.
Portal: Tiered pricing by seat count with unlimited in-portal queries, with up to 200 API queries included per seat at no additional cost.

Enterprise Protection

Reduce your risk of ransomware and other critical attacks by acting on known points of compromise before they can be used by cybercriminals.

Consumer Risk Protection

Take a proactive approach to combating account takeover – safeguard exposed consumer identities and stop high-risk attacks tied to malware.


Draw on the world’s largest collection of recaptured data exfiltrated from malware-infected devices, third-party breaches, and underground sources.


Robust solutions for any use case

SpyCloud empowers security teams to take action – with dynamic insights on malware-infected devices, compromised users, and exposed applications, enterprises can proactively prevent ransomware, ATO and other targeted attacks, while efficiently remediating points of compromise.

Post-Infection Remediation

Augment malware incident response protocols to close entry points for ransomware attacks

Ransomware Prevention
Enterprise-ready protection from targeted attacks tied to malware
Automated ATO Prevention

Continuously detect and remediate compromised credentials

Session Hijacking Prevention
Prevent unauthorized access of consumer sessions and critical workforce applications
Threat Actor Attribution
Efficiently de-anonymize threat actors and tie them to their crimes
Fraud Prevention
Preserve account integrity throughout consumer digital experiences
Penetration Testing
Improve outcomes with accurate, enriched data from the criminal underground
Dark Web Monitoring
Experience the power of recaptured data to protect consumers & employees from dark web threats


The Freshest, Deepest Insights Available, Hands Down

If we had a nickel for every time a customer told us we have insights they’ve never seen from another provider….well.
You get the point.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our enriched darknet data, and in giving you the ability to automatically remediate exposures. If that sounds useful, look no further.

Action-driven analytics

Alerts that you actually want more of – save time on tedious discovery and manual correlation with rich context in every alert to support triage, investigation, and remediation.

Deeper, darker, better

Fast access for swifter action – SpyCloud’s security researchers recapture data from the deepest layers of the darknet within days of a breach or malware infection so you can act before criminals do.

Enterprise extensibility, seamless automation

SpyCloud scales not only with business needs but with the threat landscape – allowing for fluid interoperability and robust coverage of gaps from legacy tools.

SpyCloud offers unique data richness and transparency that goes beyond just finding compromised credentials. SpyCloud can tell you what user is infected with malware and for how long, which makes a difference in your incident response.
Learn How Atlassian Uses SpyCloud to Extend ATO Prevention to Malware-Infected Users

Experience the new way to fight cybercrime

SpyCloud empowers security teams to take action with insights and automated remediation of malware-infected devices, compromised users, and exposed applications.

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