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Disrupt Criminals’ Ability to Profit from Your Data

Draw on the largest database of recovered breach assets in the world to protect your enterprise from online fraud and account takeover.

SpyCloud maintains the largest repository of recovered breach assets in the world — over 100 billion assets — which we operationalize to help enterprises protect employee, consumer, and partner accounts from account takeover. The same database also empowers fraud investigators to unmask criminals and attribute specific crimes.

Prevent Account Takeover

If your users recycle passwords (and they probably do), they are at risk of account takeover and online fraud. Know when your consumer and employee passwords become available to criminals, and lock out bad actors by proactively resetting passwords.

Monitor Third Party Risk & Drive Remediation

Third parties have privileged access to your enterprise data, and you have zero control over their password hygiene. SpyCloud can help you monitor your supply chain for exposures that could put your organization at risk of a breach and take swift action to empower remediation.

Accelerate Online Fraud Investigations

Online fraud investigations often start with a single data point. Draw on SpyCloud’s robust database of breach assets to help you make connections and unmask the identities of adversaries attempting to harm your business and your customers.

Account Takeover Protection

Solutions that thwart online fraud with proactive account protection and automated remediation of compromised passwords.

Workforce ATO Prevention

Protect your organization from breaches and BEC due to password reuse.

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Financial Fraud Solutions

Customer ATO Prevention

Protect your users from account takeover fraud and unauthorized purchases.

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Build powerful products that leverage the SpyCloud API to provide value to your consumers. Our data enhances Dark Web Monitoring Solutions, Identity Theft Protection Apps, Payments Solutions, Cyber Insurance Underwriting Platforms, Threat Intelligence Platforms & more.

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