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Check Your Darknet Exposure

Enter your business email to see if and when your company data has been exposed.

We’re checking your information against the world’s largest collection of recaptured data from the criminal underground.​


How It Works


Enter your email address in the box above and select the “GO” button.​


SpyCloud will check it against the data we constantly recapture from the criminal underground.


You’ll see high-level details, including how many exposures your email address has had, along with company exposures if you enter your business email.

SpyCloud Use Cases

SpyCloud delivers automated protection from ransomware, account takeover, and online fraud with solutions powered by Cybercrime Analytics.
Protect Your Enterprise from Cyberattacks

Act on exposed workforce authentication data before criminals can use it to perpetrate ATO and ransomware attacks.

Prevent Consumer
Fraud Losses

Protect your bottom line by combatting synthetic identities, ATO, and fraud tied to malware.

Power Cybercrime

Draw on decades-worth of digital breadcrumbs to unmask criminals attempting to harm your organization.

Partner with SpyCloud to Power Better Products

Become a SpyCloud Data Partner

Build powerful products that leverage the SpyCloud API to provide value to your consumers. Our data enhances Dark Web Monitoring Solutions, Identity Theft Protection Apps, Anti-Fraud Platforms, Payments Solutions, Cyber Insurance Underwriting Platforms, Threat Intelligence Platforms & more.

Become a SpyCloud Reseller

Learn how you can expand your customer base by partnering with the leader in account takeover and fraud prevention.

Act on what cybercriminals know about your business

Put an end to ATO, ransomware & online fraud with Cybercrime Analytics