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Use Cases for SpyCloud

The average organization has limited insight into the vast personal and authentication data stolen from their employees and customers that can be leveraged in targeted attacks. We solve that problem with a variety of powerful use cases.

As data breaches, account takeover, online fraud, ransomware, and other cyberattacks continuously threaten business operations, see how you can use SpyCloud to protect and secure what matters most.

Zero Trust Solution Brief
Continuous Zero Trust
Post-Infection Remediation Guide

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Use cases for every scenario

Achieving breadth and scale is simple with SpyCloud – with solutions that align to critical business initiatives, delivering outcomes that protect, secure, and prevent.

Augment malware incident response protocols to close entry points for ransomware attacks

Enterprise-ready protection from targeted attacks tied to malware
Continuously detect and remediate compromised credentials
Prevent unauthorized access of consumer sessions and critical workforce applications
Efficiently de-anonymize threat actors and tie them to their crimes
Preserve account integrity throughout consumer digital experiences
Improve outcomes with accurate, enriched data from the criminal underground
Experience the power of recaptured data to protect consumers & employees from dark web threats
Accelerate Zero Trust initiatives by continuously evaluating employee identities for compromise

Powering security teams worldwide

SpyCloud is the secret weapon for security leaders, practitioners, and service providers.
Experience how SpyCloud expands cyber resiliency across your entire enterprise 
Efficiently secure employee identities and safeguard corporate data and critical IP from cyberattacks 
Investigate and stop threats with insights well beyond raw data and IOCs
Monitor hundreds or thousands of domains and continuously deliver value by sharing fresh exposure details

Solutions for every industry

Here is just a sample of the kinds of companies disrupting cybercrime with SpyCloud.

Prevent cyber-enabled financial crime by protecting your most critical identities: employees and consumers
Secure high-value accounts from account takeover and online fraud 
Safeguard infrastructure, national security, and customers of public services
Make informed underwriting decisions with SpyCloud’s cyber risk data

The Cybercrime Analytics Platform

Our analytics platform is built on cybercrime insights no other provider can achieve thanks to our industry-leading ability to make darknet data actionable at scale – delivering automated solutions to disrupt cybercrime.

Reduce your risk of ransomware and other critical attacks – acting on known points of compromise
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Take a proactive approach to combating account takeover and stop high-risk attacks tied to malware
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Efficiently piece together criminals’ digital breadcrumbs to reveal the identities of specific adversaries engaging in cybercrime
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Access comprehensive breach and malware data to add value to security and fraud detection products and services
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Experience the new way to fight cybercrime

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