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Considerations for Choosing an Account Takeover Security Solution

Learn How to Evaluate Account Takeover Security Solutions & Vendors

Account takeover (ATO) has been an evolving cyber threat for years. One that many organizations struggle to prevent. With millions of usernames and passwords being stolen every year and hard-to-detect malware creeping in via stolen session cookies, the enterprise is at high risk for attacks that can lead to financial implications and reputational damage. There are several ATO vendors offering differing solutions. How do you know which vendor to choose? This whitepaper for security leaders and teams provides a guide to the best practices for evaluating how well each approach works, including a checklist of topics to discuss with each vendor being evaluated.

Download the whitepaper today to learn:

  • 11 key questions to ask ATO security solution vendors during product evaluation
  • Which solution features are most important
  • The key metrics every vendor should be able to provide
“Knowing I have a dedicated system I can rely on to tell me if we have credentials exposed gives me peace of mind.” – Global Managed Security Services Provider


Enterprise Account Takeover Prevention powered by Cybercrime AnalyticsTM

Know What Criminals Know About Your Business Before Its Too Late. Identity and Reset Stolen Passwords Before Criminals Can Use Them To Defraud Your Users or Access Sensitive Corporate Data.
Download the PDF version of the whitepaper to print or share with others.

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The SpyCloud Difference

Stolen credentials – obtained through breaches and malware-infected devices – are a criminal’s all-access pass to your systems. So take them out of the equation. SpyCloud offers early detection and continuous visibility of exposed credentials and negates this threat vector immediately. The effort and cost of recovery from ransomware (not to mention the negative press attention) far outweigh the effort and cost associated with proactive prevention.

SpyCloud acts as a ransomware “early warning system” for hundreds of global enterprises, including half of the Fortune 10.


Check Your Exposure

See your real-time breach exposure details powered by SpyCloud data.