Reduce Your Risk of a Data Breach with Employee Account Takeover Prevention

Employee account takeover is a type of online fraud that occurs when attackers use stolen logins to gain access to corporate accounts. When employees reuse passwords across multiple online accounts, criminals can exploit credentials that have been exposed in third-party data breaches to access their corporate accounts.

SpyCloud Employee Account Takeover Prevention enables enterprises to stay ahead of account takeover by detecting and resetting compromised passwords early, before criminals have a chance to use them.

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Take Control of Your Corporate Breach Exposure

Even with strong password policies in place, bad employee password habits can put enterprise data at risk. However, keeping tabs on employees’ account security poses a substantial burden for security and IT teams, especially at complex organizations that have grown through acquisition.

SpyCloud Employee Account Takeover Prevention enables enterprises to monitor multiple domains for exposed employee logins and PII, checking each set of credentials against the largest repository of recovered breach data in the world to identify and reset passwords that have been exposed to criminals. 

Shorten Your Exposure Window with Early Breach Notification

After a breach takes place, attackers typically keep stolen data contained within a small group of trusted associates while they monetize it, often before the breached organization realizes there’s been an incident. By the time the data leaks to the deep and dark web and the public becomes aware of the breach, stolen credentials have typically already been exposed for 18 to 24 months.

SpyCloud Employee Account Takeover Prevention helps enterprises stay ahead of criminals by recovering exposed credentials early in the breach timeline. SpyCloud human intelligence researchers infiltrate criminal communities to recover data well before it becomes public, helping enterprises take early action to protect vulnerable employees.

Timeline of a data breach showing what cybercriminals do with stolen credentials, starting with targeted account takeover attacks of high-value victim. Ultimately, stolen logins will end up on the deep and dark web and used in high-volume credential stuffing attacks.

Detect and Remediate Compromised Employee Passwords

The use of stolen credentials remains the #1 way criminals gain access to corporate networks and the sensitive information within. Employee accounts provide compelling access to corporate networks and systems, making them attractive targets for criminals.

SpyCloud Employee Account Takeover helps enterprises safeguard corporate data, funds, and intellectual property by locking criminals out of corporate accounts. SpyCloud checks employee credentials against billions of recovered breach records in the SpyCloud database and alerts security teams to vulnerable accounts so they can take swift action to remediate.

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Protect Your Board Members and High Profile Executives

Attackers targeting your organization may use breach data to attempt to take over the accounts of employees with privileged access, such as board members, senior executives, developers, and systems administrators. While detecting corporate credential exposures will help to protect these employees, highly targeted attackers may explore using exposed personal accounts as entry points.

With SpyCloud Employee Account Takeover, you can monitor VIP’s personal accounts in addition to their corporate logins, giving you greater visibility of potential threats to your organization. Because SpyCloud gets early access to breach data, you can head off both targeted and manual attacks against your critical employees.

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Leverage the SpyCloud API to Enhance Existing Workflows for Employee Account Takeover Prevention

The SpyCloud API makes it possible for security teams to feed SpyCloud data into existing workflows and applications to help prevent employee account takeover, including SIEMs and other internal detection tools. Using the SpyCloud API, enterprises can automate password resets and make sure the right teams are armed to remediate vulnerable accounts effectively.

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See how SpyCloud can help you monitor employee credentials for exposed passwords that put your enterprise at risk of a data breach.