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SpyCloud is laser focused on preventing online fraud with our proactive solutions, which protect billions of employee and consumer accounts worldwide from account takeover and thwart follow-on attacks like business email compromise and ransomware.

We’re the trusted account takeover fraud prevention partner for B2B organizations and consumer brands, including 4 of the Fortune 10, and some of the most innovative financial services, retailers, and technology companies around the globe. With solutions backed by the most comprehensive and actionable repository of third-party breach data, we ensure that the people logging into your systems are legitimate users – not criminals using stolen credentials.

Our Mission

Our mission is to significantly disrupt the cybercriminal economy to eliminate the loss of money, time, and reputation due to online fraud – and ultimately to make the internet a safer place for individuals and businesses.

Our Promise

Current, Relevant, Truly Actionable Data

We quickly recover the most current breached data directly from the criminal underground and make that data truly actionable through our unique data cleansing and password cracking process, resulting in the most plaintext passwords in the industry.

Our data is highly relevant to your business, with more matches than any other company can provide, and is immediately useful on day one.

SpyCloud is a Gartner Cool Vendor in Identity Access Management and Fraud Detection

What Makes SpyCloud Different?

What Makes SpyCloud Different?

Unique Intelligence Collection Method: The HUMINT Difference

The vast majority of SpyCloud’s data comes from Human Intelligence – from the techniques and tactics we use to social engineer breach data directly from threat actors. By infiltrating underground communities where criminals operate, we find data that is inaccessible to scanners and web crawlers (also known as OSINT) and gain access to stolen information before it can be sold, traded, or posted to public forums.

Early Data Recovery

SpyCloud is able to access breached records within hours or days of the breach occurring and share it with customers before it is used to cause harm, typically months or even years before it becomes available anywhere else. In fact, we are often the first to inform the affected victim organizations through our responsible disclosure process. The speed with which we recover stolen information and make it actionable thwarts criminals’ ability to profit from it.

Data Cleansing & Password Cracking

We validate, analyze and remove the noise from the data we collect, and go a step further by providing the full context of each record – an extra layer of information that helps customers understand the severity of their exposures. It contains the source, breach description and the actual breached password in plaintext. Other vendors will claim to deliver plaintext passwords, but only SpyCloud has invested in mass password cracking for years and has accumulated billions plaintext passwords in our database. Plaintext passwords enable customers to quickly identify exposed account matches and take action — preventing exposures from becoming account breaches.

Automated Remediation

SpyCloud does the heavy lifting for busy security teams. Through our integration with Active Directory, customers can reset passwords automatically as exposures are found in scheduled AD scans. Whether an exact or fuzzy match is found, or users have selected commonly-used or previously-exposed passwords, remediation is easy and swift.

Ease of Use

SpyCloud gives our customers multiple options to interact with our data: through our secure, easy-to-use portal, powerful APIs, and integration with Active Directory.

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A Few of Our Customers

Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

“SpyCloud is a crucial piece of a multi-pronged approach for businesses in the financial services sector, not just from my organization’s perspective.”

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Global Fintech Company

“With SpyCloud’s botnet data, we’ve protected thousands of accounts representing tens of millions of dollars of funds.”

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“Now that we have SpyCloud, we can protect hundreds of millions of people and prevent them from choosing passwords that have already been exposed.” Read the Case Study

Top 10 Travel Booking Site

“Using the SpyCloud data, we discover anywhere from 3,000 to 11,000 direct matches per hour. Every one of those exposed accounts could have led to account takeover.”

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Alvarez & Marsal

“What SpyCloud’s Active Directory Guardian does for us is invaluable. To be able to search through billions of data points – it’s impossible for us to do. But Active Directory Guardian picks out issues instantly.”

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Oklahoma University

“In a matter of hours, 1,000 accounts were secured. Using SpyCloud and the ingenuity of our student employees, we are legitimately preventing bad guys from compromising accounts.”

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Global Specialty Chemical Company

“The SpyCloud data is more specific and actionable than any other solution we’ve found, giving us employee, account-level and source detail we need to mitigate the threat and take immediate action.”

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Global Managed Services Provider

“SpyCloud gave us an easy and quick way to offer credential monitoring to clients that subscribe to our service.”

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