The CISOs Report: Perspectives, Challenges and Plans for 2022 and Beyond

As the attack surface expands, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are grappling with ever evolving challenges, from rapidly increasing ransomware attacks to remote work to supplier risk. The CISOs Report, a global survey of more than 400 CISOs sponsored by SpyCloud, provides invaluable insights for the leaders of modern cybersecurity teams – to benchmark their posture, experiences, and concerns against others; to learn from what their peers are doing and planning to do; and to validate their own plans and investments for moving forward. Download this report to see:
  • The ways CISOs are protecting identity as the new perimeter
  • The impact automated solutions can have when faced with a shortage of cybersecurity talent
  • How CISOs are taking action on Zero Trust Models that elevate the importance of identity
Graph showing responses to the question: Please indicate the top 3 priorities for your organization’s cybersecurity team over the next 12 months.

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