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Industry: Financial Services

Protecting financial institutions' most critical identities

The speed at which money moves attracts criminals who are eager to take advantage of security holes inadvertently left open by financial institutions. These gaps are ripe for criminals to strike, draining funds from your customers using sophisticated – and even unsophisticated – cyberattacks.

SpyCloud is uniquely positioned to take on these challenges for highly regulated fintechs and financial institutions worldwide that are subject to government oversight and hefty fines as a result of non-compliance. Our services play a critical role in proactively improving the security and safety of at-risk customers before cyberattacks and fraud events occur, protecting organizations from account opening and application fraud – and securing employees whose lax cyber hygiene can put the entire enterprise in jeopardy.


The world’s leading financial services organizations depend on SpyCloud’s Cybercrime Analytics

SpyCloud empowers financial institutions to proactively prevent cyber-enabled financial crime by protecting the enterprise’s most critical identities: employees and consumers – ensuring critical IP and data is secure, and preventing monetary losses from fraudsters impersonating consumers.

Safeguard corporate identities

Protect your organization from malware-originated ecrimes and ransomware attacks due to exposed employee accounts

Remediate consumer exposures

Prevent fraud losses and synthetic identities as a result of compromised consumer credentials and PII

Investigate financial cybercrimes

Accelerate investigations with more data and less resources – with robust attribution for criminal profiling

Prevent financial cybercrime

Unleash the power of Cybercrime Analytics to keep financial institutions safe from account takeover, ransomware, and other targeted attacks.

Maximum visibility for stronger cyber resiliency

Get visibility of the exact information cybercriminals have on your organization. Identify applications exposed by a malware infection, including SSO, password managers, security tools, collaboration apps, HR and payroll systems, and more, that could serve as entry points for ransomware.

Early detection for proactive cybersecurity efficiency

Move quickly from detection to response by reducing the time required to monitor, assess, triage, investigate, and remediate potential threats to both employees and customers, shortening the time an attacker has to exploit malware-stolen information.

Increase controls with an identity-centric response

Modernize your malware infection response and go beyond the device – shifting your paradigm to one that's identity-centric. Automate mitigation of organizational risk from exposures tied to the malware victim's identity with SpyCloud-enabled Post-Infection Remediation.

Mitigate risks and scale your business with confidence

Identify acquisition risks with better visibility of threats affecting potential acquisition targets. Account for risk user behaviors and mitigate the risk of employee's poor security hygiene by uncovering users who sidestep official corporate policies.

“With SpyCloud’s botnet data, we’ve protected thousands of accounts representing tens of millions of dollars of funds.”

What else can I do with SpyCloud?

Improve employees’ cyber hygiene and reduce the risk of data loss from ransomware with automated ATO prevention
SpyCloud monitors your watchlist domains, IPs, emails, and more, and checks for credentials against the largest repository of recaptured data from the criminal underground
Weed out stolen and synthetic identities early to prevent enrollment fraud and protect the quality of your portfolio throughout the lifetime of your accounts
Gain a deeper insight into your third parties’ overall risk profile and potential threats to your internal networks – especially critical for M&A activities
Piece together decades-worth of bad actors’ digital breadcrumbs to unmask the identities of specific adversaries engaging in fraud and other forms of cybercrime
Ensure compliance

Take a proactive approach by identifying and remediating security and compliance risks

Integrate SpyCloud alerts with common SIEMs, SOARs, and ticketing platforms to optimize your tech stack
Flexible APIs

SpyCloud provides custom, high-volume APIs with simple configuration to help you integrate our Cybercrime Analytics with your current tech ecosystem

SpyCloud offers out-of-the-box API integrations with top technology vendors across SIEM, SOAR, XDR, TIPs and more – delivering Cybercrime Analytics at scale for analysis, detection, remediation and automated workflows.

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