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Reduce your risk of a data breach & ATO attacks that can lead to ransomware

SpyCloud provides the earliest detection of your employees’ compromised credentials, whether they were siphoned by malware or exposed in a third-party breach and available in the criminal underground. SpyCloud’s Employee Account Takeover Prevention solution checks your employees’ logins against the world’s largest database of recaptured credentials, alerting you to threats that could unintentionally provide access to your corporate resources. By automating the reset of exposed passwords, organizations can shorten their window of exposure and prevent criminals from initiating costly and damaging cyberattacks.

Reduce Entry Points to Corporate Assets

Identify employees infected with malware or whose credentials have appeared on the criminal underground, reducing the risk of a data breach or ransomware attack. 

Increase Employee Productivity

Reduce your security team’s time and resources spent on confirming and remediating compromised accounts by automatically detecting and resetting exposed credentials.

Reduce Operational

Displace a variety of costs by strengthening your security program, aligning with NIST standards, increasing efficiency, and reporting on results.

“Without the visibility SpyCloud provides, we would have been at a very big risk of compromise.”– Dan Holland, Alvarez & Marsal Global Senior Director of IT Operations


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2023 Annual Identity Exposure Report

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