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The Illicit Chinese "Pantsless Data" Trade

Uncovering Chinese-language actor TTPs for data access, acquisition, and exfiltration.

The Illicit Chinese Pantsless Data Trade

Historically overshadowed by cybercrime in Western countries and Russia, the Chinese cybercrime ecosystem is increasingly targeting international people and businesses.

As Chinese threat actors’ cyber-capabilities continue to grow, it’s important to understand how they operate, and how their exploitation methods contribute to their ability to consistently leak and disseminate large amounts of data.

In this webinar, SpyCloud Labs’ researchers Ashley Allocca and Kyla Cardona share recent findings on Chinese cybercriminal activity and cover:

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Ashley Allocca

Staff Security Researcher

Ashley has a background in cyber threat intelligence and holds an M.S. in Cybersecurity from Fordham University, which has been designated as a center of excellence for cybersecurity by the NSA and DHS. She is a Staff Security Researcher at SpyCloud, where her research is focused on emerging threats within cybercriminal and illicit communities, with a focus on Arabic- and Russian-language groups.

Kyla Cardona

Staff Security Researcher

Kyla is a U.S. military veteran from the Air Force, Marines, and Army, holds a BS in Computer Information Systems and multiple cybersecurity certifications including Security+, CEH, CySA+, and Splunk. Specializing in Terrorism and Homeland Security certifications coupled with extensive Chinese OSINT training, she possesses a strong sense and understanding of geopolitical cyber threats in China’s digital landscape. Kyla is a Staff Security Researcher at SpyCloud, with a focus on cyber threats in China and other cybercrimes occurring within deep/dark web illicit communities.

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