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Threat actor attribution with enriched identity intelligence

SpyCloud empowers analysts to de-anonymize threat actors using their digital exhaust and tie them to financial crimes, exploitation, and attacks threatening national security.

Curated digital identity data recaptured from the criminal underground delivers valuable perspective into threat actors’ identities, behavior, campaigns, infrastructure, and patterns of life.


Unmask criminals with recaptured data

Like the rest of us, criminals use online accounts that are subject to data breaches and devices vulnerable to malware. SpyCloud recaptures this data so analysts can piece together decades-worth of criminals’ digital breadcrumbs to reveal the identities of adversaries and provide attribution for malware campaigns, online fraud, and other crimes.

success rate

Quality data enriches investigations and increases the rate of attribution substantially – one SpyCloud customer reports a 60% attribution success rate increase

analysis & answers

High fidelity, high efficacy data recaptured from breaches, infected machines, and covert sources illuminates actor identities, starting from a single selector like an email address

Previously-undetectable connections

Deeply investigate cybercriminals and insider threats, even if actors are obfuscating their activities through TOR and VPNs

Stitch together attackers' digital footprints to to reveal real-world identities, alternate aliases – and potentially other crimes

SpyCloud is the ultimate force multiplier for analysts and investigators – delivering quality recaptured data to profile threat actors, verify their identities, and expose their motivations, capabilities and crimes.

Quality data, dynamic searchability

Leverage the world's largest and deepest collection of recaptured data, with 25+ billion assets analyzed and ingested monthly. No other provider offers this scale of high-quality data that is de-duplicated and normalized, with a flexible and scalable API for fluid investigations.

Actionable intelligence at scale

Gain access to fresh data as assets are ingested for people and organizations. Maintain a robust investigation lifecycle and connect disparate data sources, including internal data and threat intelligence.

Seamless interoperability

Optimize workflows and automate repetitive steps with 80+ SpyCloud Transforms for Maltego, and streamline query results with pre-built, web-based Jupyter Notebooks.

Analyst services & training

SpyCloud analysts can train your team on the methodologies for using recaptured digital exhaust for effective pattern-of-life analysis and rapid identification of the threat actors.


The world’s largest asset manager uses SpyCloud to investigate threat actors who put their customers at risk of fraud and identity theft.

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Our Cybercrime Analytics Engine drives action to protect your business
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Enterprise Protection

Reduce your risk of ransomware and other critical attacks – acting on known points of compromise
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Consumer Risk Protection

Take a proactive approach to combating account takeover and stop high-risk attacks tied to malware
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Efficiently piece together criminals’ digital breadcrumbs to reveal the identities of specific adversaries engaging in cybercrime
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Data Partnerships

Access comprehensive breach and malware data to add value to security and fraud detection products and services
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Experience how SpyCloud expands cyber resiliency across your entire enterprise
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Efficiently secure employee identities and safeguard corporate data and critical IP from cyberattacks.
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Threat intel teams

Investigate and stop threats with insights well beyond raw data and IOCs
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Cybercrime Analytics

Learn about the new way to disrupt cybercrime with automated analytics that drive action
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Recaptured data is the secret weapon for threat actor attribution

See how SpyCloud Investigations make it faster and more efficient to de-anonymize attackers.

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