Reducing Identity Fraud in Ecommerce

Balancing Fraud Losses & Customer Experience

With both consumers and fraudsters flocking online during the pandemic, online identity verification and the balance of fraud prevention and customer friction are the top two challenges facing ecommerce companies today. They must find new ways of reducing friction across the entire customer journey while detecting fraud seamlessly and cost-efficiently. 

Learn how an effective fraud solution that incorporates identity intelligence will help you make fast, accurate fraud decisions with a higher degree of confidence. 

Download our report for insights on:

  • Common attack scenarios cybercriminals capitalize on in the ecommerce customer journey
  • Why a more thorough understanding of consumers’ risk is critical – and more possible than ever
  • How to incorporate predictive risk scored based on analysis for recaptured underground data in your control framework to prevent more fraud while safeguarding the customer experience

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Reducing Identity Fraud in Ecommerce
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The SpyCloud Difference

Truly Actionable Recaptured Data

SpyCloud solutions are backed by the world’s most current and comprehensive repository of recaptured data from breaches, malware infections, and other underground sources – with billions of exposed credentials and PII. It’s the same data that fraudsters use, but we make it actionable to prevent account takeover, ransomware attacks, and online fraud.


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