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Insane in the Membrane: Why Old Tactics Fail for Ransomware Prevention

And How Post-Infection Remediation Can Save Your SOC Team’s Sanity

Enterprises have ransomware prevention basics covered – from data backups, EDR, and user training, to phishing detection, and threat intel. But there’s a significant blind spot lurking: lack of visibility into malware compromises (especially when the infected devices are unmanaged or under-managed) and the resulting passwords, web session cookies that have been siphoned. 

Without immediate knowledge of this data that criminals are using to target the enterprise for ransomware and other costly cyberattacks, SOC teams have become accustomed to a machine-centric malware infection response. The result is exposed employee, contractor, and partner identities, exploitable until the affected users, applications, and devices are properly remediated. It’s been a challenge for most organizations – until now.

In our on-demand webinar, cyber and threat intelligence experts CW Walker and Trevor Hilligoss share a new, more complete and more effective approach to preventing ransomware called Post-Infection Remediation. They cover:

  • Trends in malware-infected user data including common third-party application exposures (spoiler alert: SSO!)
  • The seven common blind spots in today’s malware infection response
  • The seven steps of Post-Infection Remediation to truly reduce your enterprise’s exposure to ransomware
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Photo: CW Walker

CW Walker

Director of Security Product Strategy
CW Walker is a cybersecurity and threat intelligence expert. He started his career in government as a threat intelligence analyst and has always been passionate about understanding and creating stories that can be told through the collection and analysis of interesting data. He has led teams of solutions engineers at multiple threat intelligence companies and currently supports SpyCloud’s cybersecurity product strategy. He holds a BS in Political Science and Economics and a Master’s Degree in Strategic Intelligence Studies.

Trevor Hilligoss

Director of Security Research

Trevor Hilligoss is the Senior Investigator at SpyCloud and is an experienced security researcher with a background in federal law enforcement. Before leaving government service, Trevor spent nearly a decade tracking both cybercriminal and nation-state actors for the DoD and FBI and has presented at the US and international conventions as a threat intelligence expert. He holds a BA in Sociology, multiple federal certifications in the field of cyber investigations, and two Global Information Assurance Certifications (GIAC).

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