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Disrupting the Ransomware Market

Breaking Down Malware and the Importance of Post-Infection Remediation

When it comes to ransomware, typical incident response playbooks often focus on the later stages of attacks because that’s when it’s evident that criminals have gained unauthorized access to an organization. Yet to truly understand ransomware attacks, you must identify and remediate common entry points, particularly those that fall through the cracks of traditional ransomware prevention strategies, like infostealer malware infections.

Often, bad actors use information or access that was gathered through malware infections as the basis for ransomware attacks. But once a malware infection is detected, wiping a device just isn’t enough. This eBook walks through how malware-siphoned data serves as an entry point for ransomware and why it’s so critical to understand and respond to the full scope of an infection’s threat to your business. 

Download the eBook to:

  • See step-by-step how infostealer malware infections evolve into full-blown security incidents
  • Gain context around the threat malware poses to enterprises
  • Get insight into SpyCloud’s new, critical approach to malware infection response: Post-Infection Remediation

Proactive Ransomware Protection with SpyCloud Compass
Close the gaps in your ransomware prevention strategy with alerts on malware-infected devices and remediation of compromised credentials for critical workforce applications

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