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Underground data – the missing component of your fraud prevention framework

SpyCloud helps enterprises preserve profits and unlock revenue by delivering actionable, predictive fraud risk insights for their consumers based on breach and malware data recovered from the criminal underground.


Stop hard-to-detect fraud with actionable analytics from the deep and dark web

ATO fraud

Prevent fraudulent account creation using previously exposed credentials – with real-time alerts as soon as consumers’ exposed data appears in the criminal underground

compromised accounts

Leverage recaptured malware data to alert enterprises when consumers’ web sessions are compromised so they can react appropriately to prevent session hijacking

customer trust

From account creation to digital transactions – safeguard your consumers’ digital experiences to ensure brand loyalty and trust

Make more informed fraud decisions at scale

SpyCloud’s data empowers businesses to prevent fraud losses by preemptively identifying exposures within the criminal underground that can be used by criminals to take over accounts.

Preserve profits, optimize resources

SpyCloud’s unique ability to detect malware-infected users strengthens defense mechanisms against emerging ATO techniques. This proactive approach to securing customer accounts not only boosts customer loyalty and reduces attrition, but allows for better allocation of analyst and fraud prevention resources.

Take action with confidence

Enable fraud teams to increase confidence in their fraud prevention frameworks and risk models with a detailed view of a customer’s exposures across the darknet. Insights into no exposures vs recent and high-risk exposures allows fraud teams to enhance the accuracy of their risk assessment and automate the user's journey.

Better data, increased efficiency

SpyCloud delivers high-volume, fresh, actionable breach and malware data via performant APIs for easy integration and automation within your existing applications, workflows, and predictive models to prevent fraud – enabling faster and better fraud decisioning for manual reviews and post-fraud investigations.

Dynamic thresholds, better experiences

Fraud teams can tailor the customer’s journey based on their individual risk, allowing users with little to no exposures to interact friction-free, while implementing the appropriate step-up authentication for compromised accounts – even blocking transactions or logins for highest risk, malware-infected users.

“Since SpyCloud recaptures credentials directly from the criminal underground, we now have a level playing field with fraudsters – with the same data, we can easily identify compromised consumers and be more proactive in protecting them.”

– Ecommerce Marketplace Leader

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Our engine

Our Cybercrime Analytics Engine drives action to protect your business
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Enterprise Protection

Reduce your risk of ransomware and other critical attacks – acting on known points of compromise
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Consumer Risk Protection

Take a proactive approach to combating account takeover and stop high-risk attacks tied to malware
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Efficiently piece together criminals’ digital breadcrumbs to reveal the identities of specific adversaries engaging in cybercrime
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Data Partnerships

Access comprehensive breach and malware data to add value to security and fraud detection products and services
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Experience how SpyCloud expands cyber resiliency across your entire enterprise
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Efficiently secure employee identities and safeguard corporate data and critical IP from cyberattacks.
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Threat intel teams

Investigate and stop threats with insights well beyond raw data and IOCs
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Cybercrime Analytics

Learn about the new way to disrupt cybercrime with automated analytics that drive action
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Catch up on the latest news coverage, product updates and more
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See why malware infections are fraud prevention teams’ biggest blind spot.

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Learn how a Top 10 Online Travel Booking Site discovers up to 11,000 exposed consumer accounts every hour.

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