Protect Your Highest-Risk Executives from Targeted Account Takeover

Employee account takeover can result in substantial losses for enterprises. Senior executives, board members, and employees with privileged access are all at especially high risk of being targeted, and attackers may use creative methods to infiltrate their accounts. While corporate logins can be protected by enterprise security teams, executives’ personal accounts fall outside of corporate control. If an executive’s personal password is exposed in a data breach, their unprotected accounts may provide entry points for a motivated attacker to access corporate resources. 

SpyCloud VIP Guardian helps you extend your employee account takeover prevention strategy to key executives’ personal accounts for an added layer of protection, without invading their privacy. With SpyCloud, you can give executives access to their own breach data and empower them to protect their vulnerable accounts. 

Reduce Data Breach Risk from Personal Accounts


Weak or stolen credentials have been the top hacking technique for the last 4 years – and unfortunately, personal credentials fall outside of corporate control.1

Protect High-Risk Employees from Targeted Attacks


Business email compromise (BEC), also known as CEO fraud, led to over $1.7B in losses for businesses in 2019. High-profile executives make compelling targets.2

Educate Your Executives About Password Hygiene


Sixty-six percent of people admit to mostly reusing the same password or slight variations, and 42 percent say ease of memorization is more important than security.3

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Close Security Gaps that Fall Outside of Corporate Control

While your enterprise can monitor corporate credentials for breach exposures to keep attackers out of enterprise accounts, executives may reuse exposed passwords across personal logins that your security team can’t monitor, including online banking, tax preparation, health services, and any number of other accounts that an attacker could use or monetize. Any one of these accounts could provide a stepping stone to your enterprise resources, perhaps by enabling a threat actor to impersonate the executive and social engineer colleagues into taking risky actions. SpyCloud VIP Guardian enables you to reduce these security blindspots.

With SpyCloud VIP Guardian, your highest-risk executives can monitor their own personal and family accounts for stolen passwords that can put their finances, personal data, and identities at risk. The steps they take to secure their vulnerable personal accounts will also bolster your corporate security, in ways your security team wouldn’t be able to do alone.

Empower Your Senior Executives, Board Members, and Investors to Secure Their Online Identities

Employees often don’t realize the gravity of password reuse until it affects them directly. By giving your high-risk executives, board members, and investors visibility of their own breach data with VIP Guardian, you can open their eyes to the importance of good password hygiene and encourage them to take action to protect themselves both at work and at home. 

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Help Executives Stay Ahead of Targeted Attacks

In the first 18 to 24 months after a breach occurs, attackers typically restrict access to stolen data to a select group of associates. This time allows them to squeeze out as much profit as possible before the data leaks to a broader audience. While the data is fresh, attackers are likely to use stolen credentials for targeted attacks against high-value victims, which may include your board members or executives.

SpyCloud uses human intelligence to recover stolen data as soon as possible after a breach occurs to help enterprises stay ahead of targeted attacks. With SpyCloud VIP Guardian, your executives will find out quickly if any of their personal information or passwords have been exposed in a new breach, giving them time to protect their vulnerable accounts.

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Protect Executives at Work and at Home

Helping key executives monitor their personal breach exposure can reduce the avenues a criminal has to access enterprise resources, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle. You should also monitor the corporate credentials of your entire employee base for compromised passwords that put your enterprise at risk.

SpyCloud Employee ATO Prevention enables security teams to check and reset exposed employee passwords as soon as possible after a breach to lock out cybercriminals.

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