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Industry: Cyber Insurance

Breach intelligence for cyber insurance underwriters

Cyber attacks are becoming more common every day, and cause substantial losses to businesses of all sizes. As a result, the growth potential for cyber insurance companies is skyrocketing – but so is the risk to your P&L.

At the root of these questions is a lack of access to exposure data that helps define which customers are at higher risk of cyber attacks that result from the use of stolen authentication data, including credentials and cookies that enable ATO and session hijacking.

Leverage SpyCloud’s unparalleled breach and malware intelligence for improved cyber risk modeling.


Informed cyber underwriting decisions are made with SpyCloud data

Generate better cyber risk assessments

Assess the cyber risk profile of clients for more accurate policy pricing

Safeguard your own business

Reduce unexpected claims and protect your bottom like with unmatched breach and malware intelligence

Increase customer lifetime value

Win more business with optimal pricing & keep clients longer by sharing exposure data they can act on

How It Works

SpyCloud’s recaptured data can make all the difference to your risk modeling. 

A company with a high number of compromised logins or stolen authentication cookies for critical business applications should be evaluated differently than a company whose employees demonstrate superior password hygiene. Not only that, the company at high risk needs access to their exposures so they can remediate. You can be the insurance partner that supplies fresh exposure data they can act on, helping them improve their cyber risk and achieve lowered premiums that keep them a customer.

SpyCloud’s security researchers gain access to the same data the fraudsters use and our proprietary Cybercrime Analytics engine makes that data usable by enterprises to protect themselves and their customers. Cyber insurers turn to us to enhance their underwriting process with accurate data on their customers’ cyber risk that is continuously updated to the tune of 25+ billion assets per month.

By integrating SpyCloud’s easy-to-use API into your existing cyber risk analysis tools and modeling, you can accurately price premiums while ensuring your customers are protected pre- and post-breach – plus you can identify and notify customers when they have been exposed on the criminal underground so they can take action.

It’s incredibly simple: most customers report successful integration into existing workflows and systems in 1-2 days.

What else can I do with SpyCloud?

Improve employees’ cyber hygiene and reduce the risk of data loss from ransomware with automated ATO prevention
SpyCloud monitors your watchlist domains, IPs, emails, and more, and checks for credentials against the largest repository of recaptured data from the criminal underground
Weed out stolen and synthetic identities early to prevent enrollment fraud and protect the quality of your portfolio throughout the lifetime of your accounts
Prevent unauthorized access when cookies are stolen for consumer sessions or critical workforce applications
Piece together decades-worth of bad actors’ digital breadcrumbs to unmask the identities of specific adversaries engaging in fraud and other forms of cybercrime
Ensure compliance

Take a proactive approach by identifying and remediating security and compliance risks

Integrate SpyCloud alerts with common SIEMs, SOARs, and ticketing platforms to optimize your tech stack
Flexible APIs

SpyCloud provides custom, high-volume APIs with simple configuration to help you integrate our Cybercrime Analytics with your current tech ecosystem

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