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Transform your threat intelligence capabilities with Cybercrime Analytics

SpyCloud goes well beyond typical IOC feeds to deliver fully enriched analytics based on continuous data recapture from the deepest layers of the darknet – empowering CTI teams to investigate and stop threats quickly.


A modern approach to threat intelligence – unleash the power of Cybercrime Analytics

SpyCloud is able to perform advanced analytics with our proprietary Cybercrime Analytics Engine. This engine was built to make raw data from the darknet actually actionable at a massive scale.

Fresh data, high velocity actionability

Make better decisions with speed and superior assurance to protect your organization from account takeover, ransomware and other identity-driven cyberattacks

Comprehensive threat visibility

High fidelity alerts with data recaptured from breaches, malware-infected machines, and covert sources illuminate compromised employee and consumer identities

Reduce enterprise risk, increase efficacy

Take a proactive approach to stop threats from data cybercriminals have obtained about your enterprise and employees

Go beyond threat intel feeds & IOCs

Cybercrime analytics platform Cybersecurity analytics
SpyCloud’s Cybercrime Analytics offers a generational shift compared to legacy threat intel – with fresh, quality data that is validated, actionable, and ready for automation within security workflows. Cyber threat intelligence, incident response, threat hunting, penetration testing, fraud and financial crimes analysts leverage recaptured data to improve the outcomes of all manner of investigations.

High-volume data from the deep & dark web

SpyCloud is the ultimate force multiplier – delivering quality recaptured data that aids investigations into threats against the enterprise. Leverage the world's largest and deepest collection of recaptured data, with 25+ billion assets ingested and analyzed monthly. No other provider offers this scale of high-quality data that is de-duplicated and normalized, with a flexible and scalable API – enabling CTI teams to leverage evidence of compromise with confidence.

Early detection to prevent ATO & ransomware

SpyCloud researchers recapture data early in the breach and malware infection timeline, enabling you to stay ahead of both targeted and automated account takeover attempts that can lead to ransomware. Query SpyCloud’s infected device dataset to determine where actors have stolen access to your environment, including critical workforce apps like SSO and code repositories.

Reduce risk with malware analytics

Reduce enterprise risk and accelerate your investigations with SpyCloud's analytics. Uncover employees' malware-infected devices, managed and unmanaged, and the applications exposed as a result. Profile threat actors and and identify correlating details that aid attribution, and easily unmask insider risk by researching the risk level of specific users based on recaptured malware records.

Enterprise-grade interoperability

Threat intel teams can feed SpyCloud data into existing workflows and applications, like SIEMs, SOARs and other internal detection tools to enable automation. Investigations are aided by 80+ Maltego Transforms, and the option to leverage pre-built, web-based Jupyter Notebooks that deliver query results in an easy-to-digest format that enables drill-downs, data exports, and clickable graphs. Explore integrations →

SpyCloud offers out-of-the-box API integrations with top technology vendors across SIEM, SOAR, XDR, TIPs and more – delivering Cybercrime Analytics at scale for analysis, detection, remediation and automated workflows.

Learn more about our extended support of vendors

The new way to fight cybercrime

SpyCloud turns the tables by making darknet data work for you. We detect when your employee and customer credentials, cookies, PII and other critical stolen assets are in the hands of cybercriminals and automate remediation to reduce your risk of cyberattacks.

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Experience the new way to fight cybercrime

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