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The SpyCloud Malware Readiness and Defense Report

The Survey: 300+ IT security leaders and practitioners from US & UK enterprises share insights on the threat of infostealer malware to their business, existing incident response protocols, and gaps in Post-Infection Remediation. Are they doing enough to negate opportunities for follow-on attacks – like ransomware? This report covers:
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Top Threats to Organizations

Working together to produce harmful outcomes for your business

Email is still the #1 delivery method for malware. Once a device is infected, authentication details and corporate data is exfiltrated – both of which aid criminals in executing more complex attacks including ransomware. Or they may sell that initial access to other threat actors to do so.
Icon Desktop Ransomware
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Infostealer Malware



allow employees to sync browser data between personal and corporate devices


struggle with shadow IT due to employee adoption of applications and systems without IT’s consent


allow unmanaged personal devices to access business applications and systems

Gaps in Malware Infection Response

Taking action on the exact access and data stolen by attackers can shorten the time the business is at risk of additional infiltration and disrupt cybercriminals’ ability to launch follow-on attacks – plus lessen the burden of malware-infection response on cross-team resources. However, many organizations struggle in this area:

don’t routinely review their application logs for signs of compromise


don’t reset passwords for potentially exposed applications


don’t terminate session cookies at the sign of exposure

Survey Says

Almost all of our survey respondents agreed that gaining a clear picture of business applications exposed by infostealer infections would significantly improve their security posture. 

However, organizations ranked the ability to identify what third-party business applications have had credentials exfiltrated by an infostealer last in their malware detection and response capabilities.

Post-Infection Remediation can help close this gap in malware infection response, illuminating the exact authentication details criminals have in hand and are using to target the business so appropriate action can be taken.

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