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Cybercrime Analytics Checklist

Why checking the box with threat intel feeds is no longer enough to power your automated SOC workflows
Cybercrime Analytics Checklist

SOC teams are up against a wall when it comes to protecting employees’ digital identities and corporate data. Faced with challenges like constant alerts, human error, mountains of data to analyze, and tools that require monitoring and troubleshooting (to name just a few!)… it’s no wonder that employee churn and burnout are constant threats.

To unlock automated workflows that maximize SOC resources and improve security outcomes, teams have to have better, more actionable exposure data. This handy checklist will help your team build the foundation for powerful automatic workflows that combat next-gen threats – and save everyone time and effort.

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SpyCloud Solutions

Protect Your Enterprise from Cyberattacks

Remediate hard-to-detect malware infections that serve as common precursors to ransomware attacks.

Streamline Consumer Account Security

Protect your bottom line by combating synthetic identities, ATO, and fraud tied to malware.

Power Cybercrime Investigations

Draw on decades-worth of digital breadcrumbs to unmask criminals attempting to harm your organization.

Trusted by market leaders

With 500+ customers around the world, including half of the Fortune 10, SpyCloud is the leader in operationalizing Cybercrime Analytics to protect businesses.

We’re on a mission to make the internet a safer place by disrupting the criminal underground. Together with our customers, we aim to stop criminals from profiting off stolen data.

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Check Your Exposure

See your real-time darknet exposure details powered by SpyCloud data.

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