SpyCloud Integrations

Seamlessly integrate into your preferred technology solutions and business critical applications.

SpyCloud surfaces darknet exposures specific to your users, with continuous collection and dynamic correlation that reveals risks previously unseen. Take action to prevent cyberattacks, secure business data, protect employee and consumer credentials, and accelerate cybercrime investigations.

SpyCloud offers out-of-the-box API integrations with top technology vendors across SIEM, SOAR, XDR, TIPs and more – delivering Cybercrime Analytics at scale to automate:
USM Anywhere

Detect and remediate compromised passwords exposed from malware and third-party breaches.

Chronicle SOAR By Siemplify

Incorporate SpyCloud’s powerful Cyber Analytics Engine to access darknet data.

Cisco SecureX Threat Response

Cloud-native SecureX integrates the Cisco Secure portfolio with the entire security infrastructure – speeding detection, response, and recovery.

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Maltego Enterprise

Pivot using SpyCloud’s extensive dataset of breach and malware data.

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Active Directory, Microsoft

Detect and reset Active Guardian passwords automatically.

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Polarity Platform

Knowledge and data is spread across disparate systems and fuses them into one unified view.

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Splunk Enterprise and Cloud

Access and download SpyCloud apps and add-ons to your Splunk instance.


Automate threat detection and response for exposed company assets.

Synapse Enterprise

Query, ingest, and visualize data for SpyCloud Investigations with the Synapse-SpyCloud Power-Up.

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Custom Integrations

We have options if there is not a pre-built integration for your specific toolset or use case. 

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SpyCloud Enabled a Global Fintech Company to Protect Thousands of Vulnerable Accounts Representing Tens of Millions of Dollars

How It Works

SpyCloud’s Cyber Analytics Engine ingests and analyzes 12B+ darknet assets per month and delivers automated insights via REST-based APIs. Our APIs include easy-to-understand, resource-oriented URLs, and use HTTP response codes to indicate API errors. All API responses return JSON, including those with errors.

Any application with the ability to query an external API endpoint can integrate SpyCloud data. Once the application has been configured to query the SpyCloud API within appropriate parameters, such as providing an email or target domain, the results should be mapped to appropriate fields within your solution. 

Additional Resources

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Learn about the new way to disrupt cybercrime with automated analytics that drive action. Discover why market leaders across all industries are choosing Cybercrime Analytics over threat intelligence, how this approach boosts anti-fraud solutions, and its use cases and benefits in detail.

Living Security announced a partnership with SpyCloud to better identify segments of human risk inside organizations and help security leaders create a proactive plan to mitigate attacks.

Don’t see your preferred technology vendor?

SpyCloud’s solutions aim to support a vendor agnostic technology ecosystem that maximizes enterprise extensibility. Contact us to learn more about custom integrations. 

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