Protect Your Customers From Account Takeover Fraud

SpyCloud helps combat consumer ATO fraud that can lead to revenue loss and brand damage.

With SpyCloud Consumer Account Takeover Prevention, you can detect and remediate stolen passwords before bad actors have a chance to use them. SpyCloud checks your consumer credentials against the largest repository of Recaptured Data in the world (data from third-party breaches, malware-infected devices, and other underground sources) and alerts you to exposures that could put your consumers at risk.

Using the SpyCloud API, you can easily integrate SpyCloud data into your existing workflows and applications, including common SIEMs and TIPs. The API provides high-volume access to the SpyCloud dataset to help you detect matches, reset exposed credentials, and support your overall consumer account takeover prevention strategy.

Reduce Fraud Losses, Without Adding Friction

With access to your consumers’ stolen credentials, criminals can make fraudulent purchases, siphon rewards points, steal personal information, and lock legitimate users out of their own accounts.

SpyCloud helps you reduce fraud by ensuring your customers are who they say they are. When users create new passwords, you can check them against SpyCloud’s entire database to find out if the new password has ever been exposed before. SpyCloud can also alert you when credentials tied to your consumers appear in a new data breach or are siphoned from a malware-infected device, enabling you to reset passwords or choose an appropriate step-up authentication path for affected users without adding unnecessary friction.

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Stay a Step Ahead of Criminals

Attackers typically restrict access to stolen credentials for the first 18 to 24 months after a breach, giving them plenty of time to monetize the data and quietly exploit your consumers before allowing that data to leak to a wider audience.

With SpyCloud, you can shorten that exposure window. SpyCloud researchers infiltrate criminal communities to recover breach data early in the breach timeline, giving you as much notice as possible that your customers’ passwords have been exposed — often months or even years before a breach becomes public. By addressing vulnerable accounts early, you can protect your consumers from hard-to-detect targeted attacks that occur early in the breach timeline and account for 80 percent of account takeover losses.

Timeline of a data breach showing what cybercriminals do with stolen credentials, starting with targeted account takeover attacks of high-value victim. Ultimately, stolen logins will end up on the deep and dark web and used in high-volume credential stuffing attacks.

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Disrupt Criminals’ Ability to Profit

Criminals engage in account takeover attempts for an important reason: It’s profitable. Checking breached credentials against consumer accounts has a reliable success rate, and automated account checker tools make it easy for even unsophisticated attackers to compromise consumer accounts at scale. 

Using SpyCloud data to lock criminals out of your vulnerable consumer accounts changes the equation, making account takeover attempts more expensive for criminals — and less expensive for you.

Align with NIST Password Standards

The latest password guidelines from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) say enterprises should prevent users from choosing “commonly-used, expected, or compromised” passwords — acknowledging that password reuse is human nature.

SpyCloud lightens the burden of aligning with NIST password standards by enabling you to prevent your consumers from protecting their accounts with passwords that are weak, common, or compromised by checking new passwords against our entire database of billions of previously-exposed passwords.

Let Our Team Empower Your Team

New breaches happen constantly, presenting a challenge for enterprises that want to keep customer accounts secure without hiring a dedicated team to stay on top of the latest exposures.

SpyCloud extends your team’s reach by collecting and operationalizing breach data at scale. SpyCloud researchers collect an estimated one billion new breach assets per month and make that data actionable, giving your team the data you need for consumer account takeover prevention.

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Put Our Data to the Test

SpyCloud Consumer Account Takeover Prevention draws on the largest repository of Recaptured Data in the world to help you make sure your users are who they say they are.

We’re the best — but don’t take our word for it. We invite you to put our data to the test against your own consumer base so you can see the quality and value of our data for yourself.

Integrate Consumer Account Takeover Prevention into Your Existing Workflows

SpyCloud data is easily integrated into existing login workflows, password change and reset processes, and common SIEMs and TIPs. Get up and running fast, and see value on day 1.