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Industry: Cryptocurrency ExchangeS

Safeguard cryptocurrency accounts from cybercrime

Crypto exchange accounts represent lucrative targets for cybercriminals, putting consumers at high risk of account takeover and online fraud. Crypto balances are the first priority for criminals when a third-party breach or infostealer infection exposes a consumer’s credentials or authentication cookies.

Award-winning solutions from SpyCloud help leading cryptocurrency exchanges secure users’ accounts by proactively checking user credentials for breach and malware exposures that can lead to ATO. In addition, SpyCloud solutions empower analysts to investigate and attribute online fraud to specific threat actors.


Comprehensive consumer protection powered by Cybercrime Analytics

Empowering crypto exchange security teams to act on what matters to reduce losses from account takeover and online fraud

Prevent ATO

Re-secure malware-infected users to strengthen defense mechanisms against emerging ATO techniques like session hijacking

Combat online fraud

Leverage darknet data to prevent fraudulent account creation and ensure account integrity throughout the digital lifecycle

Speed up investigations

Get a full picture of adversaries with robust recaptured data – enabling teams to swiftly unmask threat actors and attribute crimes

Thwart financial crimes with SpyCloud

The world’s leading financial institutions, including top crypto exchanges, rely on SpyCloud to safeguard their users’ accounts with proactive, ongoing detection and automated remediation of darknet exposures.

Combat online fraud and ATO

Stay ahead of targeted ATO attacks by checking consumers’ authentication data against the largest collection of recaptured data in the industry – illuminating exposures of passwords and cookies before attackers defraud users.

Flag the riskiest users

Identify malware-infected consumers at high risk of account takeover and fraud, and take action accordingly – with step-up authentication, password reset, or even customer service outreach.

Detect fraud, without friction

Tailor the customer’s journey, allowing users with little to no exposures to interact friction-free, while implementing the appropriate measures for compromised accounts – even blocking transactions for the highest risk users.

Investigate cryptocurrency crimes

Arm analysts with with the investigative power of billions of recaptured data assets – the digital exhaust from criminals exposed in breaches themselves – to de-anonymize cybercriminal personas.

The new way to fight cybercrime

SpyCloud turns the tables by making darknet data work for you. We detect when your employee and customer credentials, cookies, PII and other critical stolen assets are in the hands of cybercriminals and automate remediation to reduce your risk of cyberattacks.

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What else can I do with SpyCloud?

Improve users’ cyber hygiene and protect accounts from ATO that leads to fraud losses 
SpyCloud monitors your watchlist domains, IPs, emails, and more, and checks for credentials against the largest repository of recaptured data that has been exposed in the criminal underground
Weed out stolen and synthetic identities early to prevent enrollment fraud and protect the quality of your portfolio throughout the lifetime of your accounts
Prevent unauthorized access when cookies are stolen for consumer sessions or critical workforce applications
Piece together decades-worth of bad actors’ digital breadcrumbs to unmask the identities of specific adversaries engaging in fraud and other forms of cybercrime
Ensure compliance

Take a proactive approach by identifying and remediating security and compliance risks

Integrate SpyCloud alerts with common SIEMs, SOARs, and ticketing platforms to optimize your tech stack
Flexible APIs

SpyCloud provides custom, high-volume APIs with simple configuration to help you integrate our Cybercrime Analytics with your current tech ecosystem

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