2022 Fortune 1000 Identity Exposure Report

An annual benchmark of organizations’ preparedness and strategies to close the gaps

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With the continued onslaught of data breaches and malware infections, account takeover and online fraud are serious security threats facing enterprises every day. Add to it employees’ bad habit of using weak and reused passwords, and that creates the perfect opportunity for malicious actors to take advantage.

To highlight the scope of the problem, SpyCloud analyzed the exposed data tied to employees of Fortune 1000 organizations in our database. For this analysis, we examined over 126 million Fortune 1000 employee breach records containing more than 687 million assets, all of which are available to cybercriminals and can be used for malicious purposes.

Download the report to see:

  • The sectors with the highest and most severe exposure
  • The most popular exposed passwords of Fortune 1000 employees
  • The impact of malware-infected employees and consumers
  • Infographics detailing credential exposure, password reuse rates, and more for all 21 Fortune 1000 sectors

Download the PDF version of the report to print or share with others.
2022 Fortune 1000 Identity Exposure Report
Our annual analysis of data tied to Fortune 1000 companies includes insights on credential exposure, password reuse rates, and the impact of malware-infected employees and consumers.

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