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Take Action Before Criminals Do

After a data breach, criminals quickly monetize the data, often by using stolen credentials to gain easy access to consumer accounts and corporate systems. If your employees, consumers, or third-parties have credentials or PII exposed in a data breach, they are at high risk of account takeover fraud.

SpyCloud can help you prevent account takeover and combat online fraud with proactive solutions that leverage the largest repository of recovered breach assets in the world.

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Thwart Online Fraud

Account Takeover Prevention

Reset stolen passwords before criminals can use them to defraud your users or access sensitive corporate data.

Fraud Investigations

Draw on decades-worth of digital breadcrumbs to unmask criminals attempting to defraud your business and your customers.

Third Party Risk Management

Monitor your critical third party relationships for supply chain breach exposures that could endanger your enterprise.

Solutions by Industry


Leverage breach data to protect employees, citizens and your supply chain from credential-based cyber attacks.

Continuous monitoring with SpyCloud


Protect high-value subscriber accounts from fraud & ATO, and stop your employees from being an entry point for cybercriminal activity.

Telecommunications Mobile ATO Fraud Solutions

Financial Services

Protect consumer accounts from fraud by detecting and remediating exposed credentials stemming from breaches and malware infections.

Financial Fraud Solutions


Thwart fraud losses by layering breach data into your transaction processes.

Ecommerce fraud

Crypto Exchanges

Secure your customers’ high-value wallets by proactively checking user credentials for data breach exposures that lead to account takeover.

crypto exchange fraud solutions

Cyber Insurance

Use SpyCloud data to improve your cyber risk modeling and make smarter underwriting decisions.

MSSPs & MDR Vendors

Get actually actionable threat intelligence to neutralize credential-based threats for your customers.

SpyCloud for MSSPs & MDR Vendors

Protect Your Users, Protect Your Enterprise

Business Email Compromise

Protect your enterprise from attackers who use stolen logins to impersonate employees and accelerate fraud.

Credential Exposure Alerts

Be alerted when your company’s credentials are exposed to criminals. 

Credential Stuffing

Reset exposed passwords before criminals can use them to launch credential stuffing attacks against your users.

Dark Web Monitoring

Get visibility of stolen data available on the criminal underground that may be your consumers and employees at risk.

Dark Web Monitoring

Identity Access Management

Stop compromised users from becoming an open door to your corporate data.

Malware Intelligence

Remediate active malware infections, which put users at high risk of ATO.

NIST Password Screening

Align with the latest password security guidelines from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Online Fraud Detection

Detect and respond to online fraud, including account takeover.

Password Security

Establish and enforce strong password security policies to protect sensitive corporate data.

Password Spraying

Avert password spraying attacks by resetting weak and compromised passwords before criminals can exploit them.


Get in front of ransomware with ATO prevention to negate the stolen credentials attack vector.

SIM Swapping

Take precautions to head off sophisticated attempts to bypass MFA, such as SIM swapping.

Sim Swapping - SpyCloud

Targeted Attacks

Protect yourself from the most damaging kinds of account takeover attacks, which target specific companies or individuals.

VIP Monitoring

Monitor your executives and board members for exposures that can facilitate targeted attacks and endanger corporate data.

Zero Trust

Gain a higher degree of confidence that your users are who they say they are.


Learn How a Global Networking Company Protects Its Domain Users from Account Takeover

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The SpyCloud Difference

Current, Relevant, Truly Actionable Data

Using Human Intelligence, SpyCloud goes deeper into the web than any other cybersecurity company, extracting data that’s otherwise undetectable. Our database of exposed credentials and PII is not only the largest in the industry — it offers the most current, relevant, and truly actionable data to protect users from account takeover. Experience the power of our data for yourself.

SpyCloud human intelligence researchers have recovered billions of data breach assets, including stolen passwords and emails that can put enterprises at risk of account takeover

Stop exposures from becoming account breaches.