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Mitigate supply chain ATO risks with Third Party Insight

SpyCloud Third Party Insight monitors for supply chain security risks from exposed credentials. Prevent employee ATO and help vendors remediate and protect their data.

Third Party Integration

Protect your enterprise from unauthorized access and simplify your vendor risk management

Third-party vendors with privileged access to your data and systems pose risk of third-party vendor data breaches and access to your sensitive data. Mitigate supply chain vulnerabilities with SpyCloud Third Party Insight, which draws from our largest repository of breach and malware records to give visibility into critical exposures within your supply chain.

Reduce third-party
ATO risk

Shield your organization from cyberattacks by identifying high-risk partners with exposed passwords and potentially infected employees

Simplify vendor risk remediation

Gain holistic insights into your vendor ecosystem by continuously evaluating the security posture of your third party vendors with SpyCloud’s comprehensive security rating and reporting

Accelerate partner remediation

Empower your partners’ remediation with granular access to SpyCloud’s exposure data for their own affected employees, including usernames and exposed passwords

Take control with supply chain risk mitigation

SpyCloud Third Party Insight proactively safeguards your organization from third party ATO risk with at-a-glance reporting within SpyCloud’s centralized dashboard. Go beyond monitoring by providing trusted partners with access to their compromised data, including usernames and plaintext passwords, and pathways for remediation.

Identify vendor exposures before becoming security risks

Exposed credentials, malware infections, and reusing exposed passwords, among other bad habits, offer criminals pathways for targeted ATO and follow-on costly cyberattacks. Vendors’ lack of visibility leaves your enterprise network vulnerable to criminals siphoning your employee data or sensitive IP. SpyCloud Third Party Insight publishes recaptured darkweb data breach and malware records early in the timeline, enabling you and your partners, vendors, and suppliers to take action to prevent targeted attacks.

Track trends of third party security risks

Gain insight into your third parties’ exposure, including when and why their security risk level has changed over time. Simplify your vendor risk management with ongoing monitoring of your third parties’ exposures, so you can make adjustments quickly. SpyCloud frequently publishes new breach and malware records and alerts you to new security risks within vendors.

Share detailed findings for vendor remediation

Many vendors risk management solutions fall short with enabling high-risk vendors to close their security gap with exposed employee identities. SpyCloud Third Party Insight takes a different approach. You can provide vendors access to their own SpyCloud portal to review their own compromised data, including affected usernames and plaintext passwords. Vendors can reset exposed passwords, remediate malware exposures, and lower their SpyCloud risk rating.

“One of the best ways of infiltrating a business is to attack the supply chain. If you can’t get to the people within the organization directly, then embedding yourself in lines of communication has to be the next best thing, if not even better… So we use SpyCloud to check on third parties’ security posture.”

– Dan Holland, Global Senior Director of IT Operations at Alvarez & Marsal

Get more with SpyCloud Third Party Insight

Continuous monitoring

SpyCloud continuously monitors domains, IPs, and emails and checks for exposures against the largest repository of recaptured darknet data.

Complete visibility

Quickly identify high-risk third parties with a summary dashboard that groups vendor domains by high, medium, and low security ratings.

Vendor insights

Easily share third-party vendor risk details for vendors to mitigate a supply chain attack and resolve their employee exposures, including exact email credentials and plaintext passwords.

Security alerts

Receive alerts from SpyCloud when your third parties’ credentials are exposed in recaptured breach or malware logs in our dataset.

Vendor management

Select top vendors within the SpyCloud portal to invite to their own version of the portal and access the data they need for validation and remediation.

Risk scoring

Understand SpyCloud’s risk assessment of your vendors categorized by levels of potentially infected employees, exposed executives, plaintext passwords, and other factors.

Changes at-a-glance

View trends in third party risk over time in the SpyCloud dashboards to see which vendors are lowering their exposure.

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