Breach Exposure of London's FTSE 100

FTSE 100 Breach Exposure Report

Even employees at the world’s largest and most successful organisations use weak passwords, and frequently reuse corporate credentials as personal logins, regardless of security guidelines that prohibit such behavior. When those third-party sites are subject to data breaches, reused employee logins provide easy entry points to corporate systems and networks.

To provide a snapshot of the breach exposure affecting major enterprises, we examined SpyCloud’s entire database to see what exposed data we could tie to FTSE 100 companies and their subsidiaries. We found over 39 million breach assets, including 2.6 million plaintext credentials, tied to these employees. All of this data is available to cybercriminals and can be used for malicious purposes.

  • What kinds of stolen employee data criminals have on FTSE 100 employees, and the dangers it presents for these organisations
  • Which industries are plagued most by employee password reuse
  • The most popular passwords of FTSE 100 employees
  • How many employee and consumer credentials have been collected by keyloggers

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Solution: Account Takeover Prevention

Reset stolen passwords before criminals can use them to defraud your users or access sensitive corporate data.

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With SpyCloud, you get enterprise-level, automated account takeover and ransomware prevention powered by Cybercrime Analytics based on actionable darknet insights.

SpyCloud offers the largest collection of recaptured darknet data in the world, combined with the earliest possible recovery. Our proprietary engine quickly ingests data from breaches, malware-infected devices, and other underground sources, then cleanses and enriches the data – adding context to the records so you understand the severity of the exposures (the source, breach description, and the actual password in plaintext). Our customers get notifications of compromised accounts and passwords far sooner with SpyCloud than any other provider.

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