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2021 Remote Workforce Security Report

New Security Threats Facing Remote Workers

2021 Remote Workforce Security Report

Following the dramatic rise in work-from-home in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, securing the expanding remote workforce has become a critical priority.

The 2021 Remote Workforce Security Report reveals the current state of cybersecurity at widely distributed organizations, including key challenges, new security threats, technology gaps and preferences, investment priorities, and more.

Based on the research, organizations are seeing increased phishing attempts and malware infections. They are concerned about the use of personal, unsecured devices to access corporate applications, and the risk of data leakage presented by a habit so difficult to stop – especially when 55% of organizations allow it.

Download the report for insights & more on:

  • Security controls that are most effective for remote work scenarios
  • Threats users are reporting with increasing frequency
  • Security protocols individuals are most resistant to
  • How remote work is impacting compliance posture, especially regarding GDPR
Examine what your peers think about the ongoing threats and vulnerabilities faced by enterprises today, and where you might need to shore up your defenses for the future – because remote work is a trend very likely to continue.

Download the Report

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