Targeted Attacks: How Sophisticated Criminals Bypass Enterprise Security Measures

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For close to three years, a technology executive was hounded by a persistent attacker who stole his identity, opened credit cards in his name, and wired funds from his bank account. Though SpyCloud helped bring this particular criminal to justice, these tactics are common in targeted attacks.

If your account takeover prevention program primarily focuses on automated attacks like credential stuffing and password spraying, you may be leaving your organization exposed to serious losses. Targeted account takeover attacks are manual, creative, and elusive, making them one of the most difficult aspects of security and risk management. When criminals decide to go after high-value individuals and organizations, they’re motivated to pull out all the stops, engaging in time-intensive, difficult to perpetrate methodologies in pursuit of lucrative rewards.

Dig into the tactics, techniques, and procedures criminals use to perpetrate highly-targeted attacks and identify areas where you might be investing unwisely in security technologies, leaving you vulnerable to sophisticated attackers.

View this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • The timeline of a breach and what types of attacks are prevalent at each stage
  • The advanced tactics criminals use to bypass enterprise security measures

  • Perspective on why enterprises should be more concerned about targeted vs automated account takeover attacks

  • Steps you can take to bolster your defenses and protect against the most damaging attacks

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Targeted Account Takeover Attacks

Presenter Info

Chip Witt, Head of Product Strategy

Chip Witt has nearly twenty years of diverse technology experience, including product management and operations leadership roles at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Webroot, VMware, Alcatel, and Appthority. He is currently the Head of Product Strategy and manages the Customer Success Program at SpyCloud, which provides cloud-based security services to help businesses of all sizes prevent data breaches and account takeover attacks by alerting when employee or company assets have been compromised. Chip works closely with field intelligence teams specializing in OSINT and HUMINT tradecraft, actor attribution and underground monitoring.

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