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The Ransomware/Stolen Credentials Connection


Ransomware attacks are on the rise, and no industry or company is off-limits. For criminals, it’s a short and clear path from obtaining a stolen account credential to penetrating a network and demanding millions in ransom. For victims, the result is massive business disruption, negative press, brand damage, and an expensive, time-consuming remediation process.

But ransomware only works if cybercriminals have access to your network. The majority of these attacks stem from stolen credentials, and taking back control starts with proactive measures to negate their value.

In this on-demand webinar, we break down the ransomware ecosystem, adversary groups’ latest tactics, and strategies to mitigate your risk and avoid paying millions to ransomware gangs.

You’ll learn:

  • How ransomware operators select their targets and work with other players in the ecosystem to efficiently exploit vulnerabilities
  • Common entry points to corporate networks and the order of operations for attacks, including where stolen credentials come into play
  • Necessary proactive defenses that reduce the risk of attacks while negating bad habits like password reuse

There’s no room for error when it comes to ransomware. This webinar demystifies these insidious attacks and shows you how to reduce your exposure.

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The Ransomware/Stolen Credentials Connection

Presenter Info

CW Walker – Manager, Solutions Architects

CW Walker started his career in government as a threat intelligence analyst. His passion is understanding the stories that can be told through collection and analysis of interesting data. He has lead teams of solutions engineers at multiple threat intelligence companies and currently supports SpyCloud’s technical GTM efforts.

The SpyCloud Difference

Stolen credentials – obtained through breaches and malware-infected devices – are a criminal’s all-access pass to your systems. So take them out of the equation. SpyCloud offers early detection and continuous visibility of exposed credentials and negates this threat vector immediately. The effort and cost of recovery from ransomware (not to mention the negative press attention) far outweigh the effort and cost associated with proactive prevention.

SpyCloud acts as a ransomware “early warning system” for hundreds of global enterprises, including half of the Fortune 10.

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Check Your Exposure

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