The Fraudacity of Cybercriminals

How 15.5B Recaptured Data Assets Shine a Light on the Criminal Underground

Criminal at computer lit by a flashlight, showing logging into another user's account

With the continued increase of individuals working, shopping, and socializing from home, we relied on digital identities more than ever in 2021. And more of that data became available to fraudsters as a result of increased breaches and malware campaigns last year.

Each year, SpyCloud summarizes the trends our team observes while recapturing data at scale from the criminal underground. In 2021, we recovered more than 15 billion assets including credentials and PII from data breaches, malware-infected device logs, and other covert sources.

The bad news: password reuse has only increased, and inexpensive malware tools have facilitated mass device infections – putting a ton of sensitive data in the hands of criminals. The good news: companies can use this recaptured data to proactively fight back and protect both their employees and consumers.

In this on-demand webinar, SpyCloud’s Vice President of Product Management, Chip Witt, breaks down our observations, including:

  • The scale of data that was stolen & circulated in 2021
  • What recaptured data reveals about online behavior and its impact on your employees and consumers
  • Why the password reuse rate is on the rise – but how it’s just one factor in elevated identity exposure
  • How data breaches and malware fuel account takeover, ransomware, and online fraud
  • Best practices to reduce fraud and improve cyber hygiene for individuals and companies

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The Fraudacity of Cybercriminals: How 15.5B Recaptured Data Assets Shine a Light on the Criminal Underground

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The SpyCloud Difference

SpyCloud solutions are backed by the world’s most current and comprehensive repository of recaptured data from breaches, malware-infected devices, and other underground sources – with billions of exposed credentials and PII. It’s the same data that fraudsters use, but we make it actionable to prevent account takeover, ransomware attacks, and online fraud.

Our goal is to help organizations to protect themselves from criminal activity and disrupt criminals’ ability to profit from stolen data.


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