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Credential Exposure Alerts

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Simply enter your domains, personal email addresses, and other company information to see your historical breach exposure instantly. From that point on, SpyCloud will alert you if your company’s data appears on the criminal underground.

Instant Notifications

When criminals gain access to your employees’ reused credentials, each exposed account is a potential path for an attacker to breach your enterprise. Early intervention is essential to shorten your exposure window and protect your enterprise from account takeover attacks. 

With SpyCloud, you’ll be alerted instantly when we discover that your corporate credentials have been exposed. You can also add team members to the notifications. You’ll see enough information to know which email or domain has been exposed, with a link to view the full details within your account.

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See More Than Just Credentials

See specific details of how and when your company’s sensitive information has been exposed – including the type of information. Beyond credentials, our team collects and correlates a rich variety of other fields that are commonly leaked. When bad actors get ahold of data such as employees’ personal information, phone numbers, and IP addresses, they can use it to tailor their attacks to target your enterprise.

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Protect your Board Members and High Profile Executives

When your board members’ and high profile executives’ personal passwords are compromised online, criminals can use them to gain entry to your corporate accounts, resources, and data. Criminals put in substantial effort to target these individuals with high levels of access and influence at your company. Unfortunately, directly monitoring employees’ personal emails for breach exposure can raise privacy concerns.

SpyCloud helps you control exposure that falls outside of corporate control by empowering executives to help themselves. With VIP Guardian, you can give your highest-risk employees access to their own breach data and alert them directly when their accounts are at risk.

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