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Enforce Stronger Password Security Policies

Today’s businesses run on password-protected systems and applications, requiring employees to create passwords for an expanding technology infrastructure in order to execute their work. Even with strong password policies in place, 60% of users exposed in data breaches last year admit to using the same password across all of their accounts, including work and personal accounts.

With more than 80% of company data breaches resulting from stolen and/or weak passwords, password security plays an important role in protecting the enterprise – but it’s challenging to control user behavior. SpyCloud helps you mitigate the risks introduced by human nature and enforce strong password security by alerting you if your users’ passwords have been exposed in a third-party data breach or exposed in a botnet log (indicating a malware infection), then automating the remediation.

A password strength meter can help prevent users from choosing weak passwords that would leave them vulnerable to password spraying attacks.

Account Takeover: A Lucrative Business

Criminals are sophisticated in how they breach accounts. Weak and reused passwords give them an easy path into a person’s accounts where they then access sensitive corporate data, financial information, and more. Armed with stolen credentials and crimeware that tests for common password variations, bad actors can launch credential stuffing attacks against hundreds of web applications in seconds. The enterprise is the ultimate target and companies are frequently unaware of the compromise until it has already caused harm.

Password security at the enterprise level is critical to prevent criminals from gaining entry into the enterprise. Unfortunately, many of the most commonly-used preventative measures aren’t enough. Bad habits are hard to break, criminals are getting smarter, and the profit is too tempting. With so many passwords to remember and little understanding of their risk to the enterprise, many employees ignore password security recommendations, choosing and reusing weak passwords across business and personal accounts.

Strengthen Enterprise Password Security with SpyCloud

Work account protected by SpyCloud, shown on laptop

Enterprise security leaders cannot rely on employees to practice good password hygiene, nor can they depend on partial solutions that discover only a handful of password exposures too late to do much about them. Leaders must combine password policy best practices with technology custom-built to detect compromised employee accounts early in the attack timeline to proactively prevent account takeover.

With SpyCloud, you can protect employees’ accounts despite their bad password hygiene. SpyCloud helps enterprises enforce password security and prevent account takeover by checking employee credentials against the largest repository of recovered breach assets in the world, enabling security teams to detect and reset exposed passwords proactively.

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Detect and Resolve Compromised Passwords Swiftly

Once a password has been exposed to criminals in a data breach, the clock starts ticking. Criminals actively exploit compromised passwords in both targeted and manual account takeover attacks.

SpyCloud gives you early access to new breach data, helping you act quickly to close off entry points for criminals and secure employee passwords early on in the breach lifecycle. You can initiate a forced password reset, educate users about the importance of choosing strong passwords, and continue to monitor the account for suspicious behavior.

Learn More about Targeted vs Automated Account Takeover

Timeline of a data breach showing what cybercriminals do with stolen credentials, starting with targeted account takeover attacks of high-value victim. Ultimately, stolen logins will end up on the deep and dark web and used in high-volume credential stuffing attacks.

Enforce Password Security Policies Automatically

Security leaders often establish password security policies but have no way to enforce them. With SpyCloud, you can align enforce good behavior with automated password resets for weak or compromised passwords.

With Active Directory Guardian, you can automatically compare your employees’ Active Directory passwords to stolen credentials in the SpyCloud database or passwords you choose to ban using scheduled scans. If a match is found, the system will lock the account and force the employee to reset their password.

Learn More about Active Directory Guardian

SpyCloud Active Directory Guardian on a laptop

Align with NIST Password Security Guidelines

A password policy best practice is to follow the latest NIST password guidelines, which call for enterprises to check for “commonly-used, expected, or compromised” passwords that make account takeover easy for criminals.

Security leaders can enforce NIST guidelines using the built-in controls in SpyCloud Active Directory Guardian to prevent users from creating passwords NIST considers weak or compromised, as well as to identify and reset newly-compromised passwords as they are exposed in fresh breaches. Active Directory Guardian checks AD passwords against billions of recovered credentials in the SpyCloud database to help security teams prevent risky passwords that would be impossible to detect otherwise, such as compromised passwords an employee has previously used in combination with their personal email address.

Download the Whitepaper: “Best Practices for Implementing NIST Password Guidelines”

Prevent Fraud by Identifying Consumer Password Reuse

To ensure consumers interacting with your business are legitimate and not criminals using stolen data, integrate SpyCloud’s API into your applications to automatically check your customers’ exposure against our massive database of recaptured breach data when they attempt to create an account, log in, modify an account, or transact.

Detect & Remediate Compromised Consumer Accounts

If your customer is reusing a password that has been exposed in a breach or malware infection, SpyCloud can force a password reset or validate the user’s identity with a step-up authentication process.

Explore Consumer ATO Prevention

Make More Confident Fraud Decisions Based on Underground Data

Go further in detecting fraud than identity verification solutions can. SpyCloud delivers predictive risk assessments based on analysis of underground data, including individual consumers’ password reuse.

Explore Identity Risk Engine

Password Security Made Simple

Password reuse across work, gaming, and social accounts

Account takeover prevention is complex, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. SpyCloud automates ATO prevention so you can protect your users without having to hire additional staff. No other solution is as powerful, comprehensive, or trusted as SpyCloud. It’s why so many of the top companies in the world depend on us as the backbone of their ATO prevention strategy.

It’s time to get ahead of the criminals. You can catch password reuse across your employee and consumer accounts with greater accuracy and less effort using SpyCloud. By leveraging the most advanced ATO prevention platform in the world, you will protect your applications and your data from malicious attacks.

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Password reuse is a constant issue that often leads to account takeovers, yet finding exposed credentials was a labor-intensive, manual task that didn’t capture every instance.

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