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SpyCloud Compass

The enterprise North Star in navigating ransomware prevention through Post-Infection Remediation

Compass provides a comprehensive ransomware prevention solution that addresses both the reactive and proactive states security teams have to operate within today’s modern enterprise – delivering critical, end-to-end visibility into the attack surface across the entire technology ecosystem to act on malware compromised devices, users, and applications.

You can’t fix what you can’t see

Compass empowers teams to prevent ransomware by acting on what criminals know about the business from infostealer infections. With complete coverage and instant discovery of infection impact, SecOps teams can rapidly deploy mitigation tactics that drastically decrease MTTR (mean-time-to-remediate) to eliminate the risk of cybercriminals profiting off of stolen credentials.

attack surface gaps

Decrease dwell time by gaining instant visibility to the attack surface and the scope of infection to show you “who,” “what,” and “where”


High fidelity alerts that you actually want more of – with actionable insights to solve for “how” through the power of automation

Bolster malware
infection response

Save hours of cyber incident response time per malware-infected device – one customer saves 20 hours each time
Learn how Compass works

The critical insights you need to prevent ransomware

Compass allows SOC teams to understand the full scope of a potential threat and quickly take action, pivoting to Post-Infection Remediation steps before a full-blown incident occurs.

Reduce your risk of ransomware

Identify hard-to-detect malware infections that can serve as precursors to ransomware and augment existing incident response processes with SpyCloud’s Post-Infection Remediation methodology for inclusive and complete mitigation of risk.

Identify threats outside of corporate oversight

Gain visibility of threats outside of corporate control, including unmanaged (and under-managed) malware-infected devices that are used by employees, contractors, and vendors, as well as all exposed applications accessed from these devices. Compass gives you the needle without the haystack in both reactive and proactive stages of dealing with ransomware.

Fill gaps in your security posture

Reduce high-severity cyberthreats that would slip through the cracks of your existing security framework, including application security management and endpoint detection and response tools.

SpyCloud offers out-of-the-box API integrations with top technology vendors across SIEM, SOAR, XDR, TIPs and more – delivering Cybercrime Analytics at scale for analysis, detection, remediation and automated workflows.

Learn more about our extended support of vendors

“SpyCloud identified a malware infection on a device used by a contractor working remotely overseas. Their endpoint protection (EPP) was not updated, and even after updating the EPP, they did not find the malware. This confirms the risk most companies have with third-party vendors since we truly cannot measure the efficacy of the controls of such vendors who access our systems.”

– CISO, Financial Institution

Get more with SpyCloud Compass

High fidelity alerts

Compass provides definitive evidence that stolen data tied to your enterprise is in criminal hands and alerts you of new exposures

Interactive graphs

Visualizations show the scope of a potential threat, including infected devices, users, and applications with actionable details

Intuitive portal

See thorough details of each infection along with powerful visualizations that illuminate your remediation action plan

Exposed application view

View all of third-party applications that were exposed by each infostealer, including shadow IT apps accessed with a corporate email address

Managed devices and BYOD

Pinpoint the exact malware-infected managed or unmanaged device that was used to access corporate applications

Validated data

Rich context for every alert to support prioritization, investigation, and remediation

Out-of-the-box integrations

Operationalize Compass data within common SIEMs and SOARs to improve workflows within your technology ecosystem

Custom API

SpyCloud provides custom, high-volume APIs with simple configuration to help you integrate our Cybercrime Analytics to use with your preferred tech stack

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Experience the new way to fight cybercrime

Full visibility into the attack surface across the entire technology ecosystem to act on malware compromised devices, users, and applications

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