New CISA Goals Tackle Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

SpyCloud’s Director of Federal, Joel Bagnal weighs in on the latest CISA’s performance goals and shares his wishes for future goals to protect this sector.

White House Hosts Second International Ransomware Summit

As the White House kicked off their 2nd International Counter Ransomware Summit this week, the increase in ransomware attacks over the last 12 months were a key point of discussion. SpyCloud’s 2022 Ransomware Defense Report providing valuable data to highlight this issue amongst organizations of all sizes.

Corporate Vulnerabilities To Ransomware Highlighted In Survey; Attacks May Be Tip Of Iceberg

According to SpyCloud, “In 2020, ransomware rose to the top type of incidents, comprising 23% of all attacks analyzed by IBM Security researchers.

In The Era Of Remote Work, The Most Dangerous Insider Threat Is You

SpyCloud Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder and member of Forbes Tech Council Dave Endler highlights the growing risk to enterprises in this contributed article on unwitting insider threat.

Fakers Gonna Fake: How to Detect and Prevent Synthetic Identity Fraud

SpyCloud Anti-Fraud Solutions Product Manager, Pattie Dillion breaks down how cybercriminals are leveraging stolen data to create synthetic identities and perpetrate billions of dollars in losses for financial institutions who lack visibility into whether a transaction or new account is legitimate or not.

Can Knowing the Criminal Underground Help Protect Federal Agencies?

Joel Bagnal, SpyCloud Director, Federal joins the Federal Tech Podcast and host, John Gilroy to discuss the various security concerns such as insider threats and regulations, like NIST framework alignment, that face federal agencies today. Joel breaks down how recaptured data from the criminal underground is truly a missing piece of the defenses for many of these agencies to fight ATO, fraud and ransomware.

SpyCloud Report: Don’t Just Sit Around Shouting Into The Wind, Take Action

The SpyCloud Ransomware Defense Report found a decrease in the number of organizations indicating their existing ransomware mitigation solutions are in good shape.

SpyCloud Report: Ninety Percent of Organizations Struggle with Ransomware

SpyCloud’s annual Ransomware Defense Report found that 90% of organizations were affected by ransomware over the past 12 months, a concerning jump from last year’s 72.5%.

Report: Ransomware is growing despite company investments

Despite increasing company budgets for cybersecurity, ransomware attacks still affected nine in 10 U.S., U.K. and Canadian organizations in the last year.

Survey Shows CISOs Losing Confidence in Ability to Stop Ransomware Attacks

Despite an 86% surge in budget resources to defend against ransomware, 90% of organizations were impacted by attacks last year, a survey reveals.