Threat Actors Don't Break In.

They Login.

Threat Actors Don't Break In.

They Log In.

Protect your employees, partners, and third parties using the world’s largest database of recaptured data from breaches, malware infections, and other underground sources.

Control Your Human Attack Surface


Exposed employee records identified across 65 breaches – Chemical Company

Reduce Entry Points to Your Corporate Assets


Reduction in ATO cases for internal employees
– Major Airline

Shorten Response Times with Automation


Compromised passwords secured in 1 day
University of Oklahoma

Take Control of Your Corporate Breach Exposure

Even with strong password policies in place, bad employee password habits can put enterprise data at risk. However, monitoring employees’ account security poses a substantial burden for security and IT teams, especially at complex organizations that have grown through acquisition.

With SpyCloud, you can reduce your risk of a data breach or ransomware attack by addressing employees’ bad passwords automatically. SpyCloud can block weak password choices and alert you whenever your employees’ credentials appear on the criminal underground, whether through a third-party data breach or a malware infection on your employee’s personal or corporate system.

Protect your enterprise from cyberattacks that leverage stolen data.

SpyCloud dashboard

Reduce Your Risk of a Data Breach

Lock Criminals Out of Your Corporate Assets

SpyCloud enables enterprises to monitor multiple domains for exposed employee logins and PII, checking each set of credentials against the largest repository of recaptured breach and botnet data in the industry to identify and reset passwords that have been exposed to criminals.

Shorten Response Times with Automation

Check and reset employee credentials automatically using fresh, actionable data collected by SpyCloud’s human intelligence researchers. Data recovered early in the breach timeline helps you shorten your exposure window, keeping criminals out of your critical resources.

Secure Your Supply Chain from End to End

By taking control of your corporate breach exposure with SpyCloud, you can protect your software development pipeline, financial information, and other sensitive assets that could be used to compromise your partners. Meanwhile, you can monitor and manage your third parties’ ATO risks to stay ahead of threats that could affect your own enterprise.

Learn How a Global Networking Company Notified More than 3,600 Users of Exposed Logins within Their First Three Months Read the Case Study

Implementation Options

Automate Active Directory Protection Out-of-the-Box

Prevent bad AD passwords using our password filter. As fresh breaches expose new data, automatically detect and reset compromised credentials using our scanner.
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Leverage SpyCloud APIs to Test User Logins

Use SpyCloud’s high-volume, REST-based API to check employee credentials and make sure the right teams are armed to remediate vulnerable accounts.
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Protect High-Risk Executives from Targeted Attacks

Extend your employee ATO prevention strategy to key executives’ personal accounts, empowering them to protect vulnerable accounts without invading their privacy.
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Trigger Alerts in Internal Detection Software

Feed SpyCloud data into existing workflows and applications to help prevent employee account takeover, including internal detection tools such as SIEMs, TIPs, and SOAR platforms.
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Reduce Supply Chain Account Takeover Risks

Prevent attackers from using your third parties to get to your enterprise by monitoring their account takeover exposures and driving their remediation efforts with information they can act on.
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The SpyCloud Difference

Companies worldwide rely on SpyCloud to protect over 2 billion user accounts from account takeover and online fraud that occurs when criminals use exposed credentials obtained from previous breaches to perpetrate account takeover.

We provide the earliest detection of potentially compromised accounts, and we automate the remediation of exposed passwords, enabling enterprises to lock down vulnerable accounts quickly – before damage is done.

Our solutions are backed by the most comprehensive and actionable repository of compromised credentials and PII recovered from third-party breaches, with well over 100 billion assets, including cracked, plaintext passwords that enable exact matches.

SpyCloud human intelligence researchers have recovered billions of data breach assets, including stolen passwords and emails that can put enterprises at risk of account takeover

Stop Account Takeover & Protect Your Enterprise