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SpyCloud vs. Competitors

What makes us stand out? The answer is in the data.

Evolving attack methods and the increase in remote work have presented IT departments with more challenges than they should be expected to handle. This has left countless security gaps wide open for Account Takeover (ATO) attacks. As a result, ATO attempts have skyrocketed.

Many players in the cybersecurity space promise to empower you with the intelligence you need to detect threats and protect your organization. Unfortunately, these solutions rely on public breach data, collected long after criminals have begun to use it for account takeover. Businesses turn to SpyCloud because of our current, relevant and actionable breach data, collected with a speed that’s unmatched by anyone else in the industry.


We Deliver What Others Cannot

SpyCloud is backed by the world’s most comprehensive repository of compromised credentials and PII. But it’s how we recover that data and what we do with it for our customers that matters.

Features & Benefits SpyCloud Paid Services Freemium DIY
Largest database of recaptured breach data in the industry
Access to data early in the breach timeline, before it goes public
Data recovered from public sources on the deep and dark web via scraping and scanning
Data recovered from closed criminal networks via HUMINT Limited
Data from botnet logs, to flag when consumers and employees are using infected systems
Automated ATO prevention
Actionable data and password cracking
Dedicated HUMINT team Limited*

* Some paid services do use human intelligence in limited ways; however, their focus is on collecting intel, not breach data. Only SpyCloud specializes in recapturing new, relevant breach data as soon as possible after a breach occurs, giving our customers access to high-quality data at a scale that wouldn’t be possible without this level of focus.

Only SpyCloud saves you time and helps you prevent account takeover at scale. 

Other Solutions Create More Work

SpyCloud delivers faster access to higher quality data than other providers — and more importantly, we make it actionable. Other options leave you to make sense of the data and figure out how to match it against your own accounts.

Benefit SpyCloud Paid Services Freemium DIY
Collects Data for You *
Cleanses Data for You
Operationalizes Data for You
* Yes, but the data is equal to Freemium/DIY

Who Uses SpyCloud?

Over 2+ billion accounts protected worldwide

Why Our Differentiators Matter

  • Early Detection

    SpyCloud often begins recovering data within days of a breach. In contrast, it can take 18 to 24 months for that same data to make its way to the public sources used by other providers or accessible to DIY teams, leaving organizations vulnerable for months or years. By recovering data early in the breach lifecycle cycle, SpyCloud helps you prevent the most dangerous types of ATO, but also to save countless hours, dollars, and resources – not to mention headaches.

  • Actionable Results + Password Cracking

    When SpyCloud recovers stolen data, we immediately begin cracking passwords, parsing and normalizing the data, and operationalizing it for our customers. Why is this critical? When we recover breach data, threat actors typically haven’t had a chance to crack the passwords yet. We stay a step ahead by cracking those passwords in-house and operationalizing the data so our customers can rapidly identify vulnerable accounts and take action before the criminals do.

  • Automated ATO Prevention

    Securing your organization should save you time and resources, not increase your workload. SpyCloud is the only solution that proactively alerts businesses when their users’ data is compromised in a third-party breach, and automates the remediation of exposed passwords to keep corporate data, sensitive PII, and financial secrets safe.

  • Dedicated Human Intelligence (HUMINT)

    There is no other solution on the market backed by a team solely focused on recovering data as soon as possible after a breach occurs. In fact, SpyCloud often discovers breaches before the affected company does, in which case we practice responsible disclosure. Because our HUMINT team works tirelessly to engage covertly with bad actors, we have access to high-quality data at a scale that has no comparison. Check your users’ credentials against our database and you’ll see the difference for yourself.

  • Botnet Logs

    Customers find tremendous value in SpyCloud’s botnet data. When SpyCloud finds the credentials of an employee or consumer in a bot log, that typically indicates an active malware infection on their device. When SpyCloud is able to recover these bot logs, we parse out the infected victim’s username and password in order to help consumers and organizations protect themselves before criminals can leverage their stolen data for account takeover, identity theft, and online fraud.

SpyCloud is the only solution that delivers access to breach data before criminals have had a chance to use it.

We’re unlike any other cybersecurity company.
Test drive our data to why.